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“What’s expensive for a pension these days?”

Most UK pension people may still agree with you and see 0.9% as cheap but not me. It might have been cheap in 2000 and it certainly isn’t today! Continue reading

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Give a straight red to active member discounts

What are active member discounts (AMDs) and what’s so wrong with them? Continue reading

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Taxpayer subsidy for public service pensions to double over 6 years

This is an article from Michael Johnson. I agree with the numbers but I’m not so sure about the sentiment that lies behind it. As a nation we can afford anything if we chose to prioritise the spending and we … Continue reading

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Paying as you earn; the best way to save

Monday will see the start of the benefits changes that will climax in the full introduction of the Universal Credit in a year’s time. This is not an article about these changes. But it takes it kicks off from a brilliant … Continue reading

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Interesting….spin is self-defeating

every time we say one thing and mean another, we are creating distrust in the person who we are talking or writing to Continue reading

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All we are saying – give DA a chance!

“Possible easements for employers providing good pension schemes” Continue reading

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Better-buying makes auto-enrolment work

The promise of “Wealth at work” has disguised the paucity of the pension outcomes when work finishes. Continue reading

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The Facebook timeline – a teenage diary.

Facebook gives kids the space to learn who they are without the intrusion of unwanted authority. Parents, teachers, coaches and big brothers take note Continue reading

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