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Let the Lady speak for me (on Brexit)

I was a silent remainer. I have been a Liberal most of my life, voted Liberal in #GE2019 and am proud to know Ros Altmann and Gina Miller as friends. Yesterday I bowed in front of the Throne in the … Continue reading

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The lady’s not for turning.

For reasons that weren’t particularly obvious , a random group crammed into a much too small committee room in the House of Lords on Wednesday night for a round table with the new pensions minister. It was a hot day that … Continue reading

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The worst kind of paternalism

They’re all , fat and old, queuing for the House of Lords Continue reading

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Taxpayer subsidy for public service pensions to double over 6 years

This is an article from Michael Johnson. I agree with the numbers but I’m not so sure about the sentiment that lies behind it. As a nation we can afford anything if we chose to prioritise the spending and we … Continue reading

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“We grow old, we grow old” – a budget day blog

It’s budget day. I was asked to be a commentator on a budget briefing this afternoon but I’m not good on economics – more interested in nuts and bolts. All the same, it’s useful sometimes to stick your head up and … Continue reading

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A riot of my own

If you don’t get the reference , you probably didn’t grow up in the late 70s, but here’s White Riot by the Clash in case you thought waht we’ve seen over the past three nights is anything new.

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