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“How do we tell the children?” Our awkward problem over lifestyle.

  For the purpose of this article – I will refer to some savers as our “children“, those under our care who have suffered loss while sleeping. They are the unwitting victims in the collapse in bond markets , including … Continue reading

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“We have a financial literacy problem, not a product scarcity problem!”.

This article is about what we can learn from Australia about “choice architecture” and how we can avoid leaving the important policy decisions too late, as I believe the Australians have done. As she learns the ropes, I hope that … Continue reading

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DWP announces “Game on” for savers looking to turn pots to pensions

With immaculate timing, the DWP launched its latest consultation on how to establish the choice architecture and expand the decumulation options for members retiring from occupational schemes. Or to use language that people understand “how we get paid by  our … Continue reading

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Are we defaulting people into retirement heaven or retirement hell?

Two tweets dominated my social media yesterday. The first was from Alistair McQueen  which drew excited comment for suggesting that we had lost the link between retirement and pension. No one is suggesting that you should, Henry, or that people … Continue reading

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Altmann and Fawcett on DC’s new bargain

  Over the Easter weekend , I continued to question the legitimacy of illiquids in the default funds that dominate retirement saving in the UK. To date these funds have invested in liquid funds which have sought returns by passively … Continue reading

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A whole new can of “defaults”

The Pension Regulator’s found a new can of worms to open. This time it relates to a very local problem but creates some difficulties for those running and governing DC pensions. As the vast majority of money going into DC … Continue reading

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Does Pension Freedom need a “disinvestment default”?

The success of auto-enrolment in encouraging 7 million new pension savers to stay in, has been attributed to the power of inertia. There may be some goodwill generated by “pension freedoms” but even workplace pension providers accept that most new … Continue reading

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“Rape and Kill” – why the public are turning off retirement advice.

Thanks to the PPI for the second Future Book – Unravelling Workplace Pensions. The 2016 Edition of the PPI’s study on workplace pension is published today. Getting data on the state of workplace pensions has always been tricky. If you … Continue reading

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Con Keating on the future of CDC – (pt 3)

This is the third of three blogs from Con which will in future appear in Professional Pensions. The idea that individual DC will produce pension outcomes that are satisfactory for the majority of retirement savers is now thoroughly discredited, as is … Continue reading

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How do you compare pension default funds?

    An old colleague contacted me yesterday with a simple (but great) question. “how do you compare pension default funds”. I can speak on this for First Actuarial, who provide the investment ratings on default funds for the Pension … Continue reading

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