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Shouldn’t pensions “stay at home”?

Should we stop transfers for the next 6 months?   Yields are down, markets are down, has there ever been such a time to transfer your pension rights? That’s what many people may be thinking and if you were a … Continue reading

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Are small DC pension schemes in the member interest?

Trustees vote for their own demise There hasn’t been much comment on social media about the Pension Regulator’s consultation response on the future of trusteeship. This is in marked contrast to what TPR reports as a record 114 written responses … Continue reading

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Regulator fines Regulator

Robin Ellison has too refined a mind and too fine a writing style, for his thoughts to be left languishing on Linked in. Not since the days of John Quarrell has there been such a dissenting voice, speaking against  the  … Continue reading

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Regulation 2.0 (and how to pay for it).

  I am on something called the Pension Regulator’s Stakeholder group which means I’m supposed to champion tPR .I get meetings with MAPS (which always get cancelled at short notice) because I represent something out there called “innovation”. But in … Continue reading

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When naming and shaming had to stop

It now is clear there are not one but two firms that have been hit with a  £350,000 fine through escalating penalties from the Pensions Regulator and both relate to the non-payment of monies into staff pension accounts. These are … Continue reading

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Folly in the Pensions Landscape

Every month of every year I get a request from someone for information on the Pensions Landscape in the UK and where people can get reliable stats on where our pension savings go. The answer I give them is to … Continue reading

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The DC Trust – a pension appendix

The appendix Nobody knows exactly why we have an appendix, but removing it isn’t harmful. Appendicitis typically starts with a pain in the middle of your tummy (abdomen) that may come and go. (NHS inform). I feel much the same about … Continue reading

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The right (and wrong) types of pension scheme consolidation

Our vision for the future of occupational pensions is one where all savers are in schemes that have excellent standards of governance that deliver good value. Over time we think this will mean having fewer, but better governed schemes in … Continue reading

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One life – one retirement – two regulators

Yesterday’s Pension and Benefits UK conference kicked off with consecutive speech’s from TPR CEO Charles Counsell and the FCA’s Edwyn Schooling Latter. Counsell delivered a staid and unambitious rehearsal of tPR’s agenda and frankly I was bored. Schooling Latter spoke … Continue reading

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What is going on at MAPS?

I want MAPS to succeed. It needs an experienced person as its CEO who understands pensions. Here’s MAPS’ news as  Pension Age presents it. The Money and Pensions Service (Maps) chief executive officer, John Govett, has resigned eight months into … Continue reading

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