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Step up or back off – don’t fudge AE for off-payroll workers!

Yesterday I asked “had HMRC solved the AE off -payroll puzzle” and a great number of people have read and opined and generally agreed that they hadn’t – and they were right. The Pensions Regulator, to its credit, has responded … Continue reading

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Has HMRC solved the off-payroll AE puzzle?

  One of the big auto-enrolment issues for employers is deciding who it is that works for them (and who is just an occasional contractor). The issue is generally put in the too-hard box – a dangerous thing to do … Continue reading

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How payroll can get pension-smart (without really trying!)

Pensions are important. They occupy our press, parliament and they occupy payroll! For better or worse we have wedded payroll to work and unless you are on a payroll, it is increasingly unlikely that you are earning much more than credits … Continue reading

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FEAR+FRAUD. Does Geneva= Gibraltar? Are SIPPs the new QROPS?

  This bog is about fear and how it can be used by the unscrupulous to frighten them into putting their retirement at risk. The unscrupulous fear-monger is the self-appointed UKPension Guru (Clive Skane-Davis) of Swiss Global Consulting; you can … Continue reading

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A business-friendly Pension Green Paper

I went to a  talk yesterday  from the CBI’s Carolyn Fairbairn. It was a lot more optimistic on business prospects than I’d expected (having heard her gnashing her teeth following the referendum). To be fair, she was saying then that … Continue reading

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Which would you rather live in- a house or a car?

  I’m fond of our current pension minister; he makes me laugh! He does a good impression of the “pension’s idiot” and enjoys being thought rather less on the ball than he actually is.   But scratch the surface and … Continue reading

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We do not need another consultation on costs and charges.

A report in Professional Pensions that we are to get yet another consultation on costs and charges fill me with gloom. As the report points out, we have two consultations on the subject – in progress. They follow an exhaustive call … Continue reading

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FABI – taking the crisis out of pensions!

It is now three months since we launched our First Actuarial Best estimate Index (or FAB Index for short). It has generated a significant amount of interest amongst our clients and across the wider pensions industry – and has even … Continue reading

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The peril of pensions (a quiet word in payroll’s ear).

Anyone who manages payroll, whether in-house or as an outsourcer, will by now have discovered the perils of auto-enrolment. This article will not rehearse the process issues (you’ll be relieved to know). But with auto-enrolment come workplace pensions. Currently the majority … Continue reading

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Likely market impact of the Pension Schemes Bill

  The Pension Schemes Bill  (the Bill) is expected to be enacted in 2017 and  focusses on protecting savers and maintaining confidence in pension savings. The pensions market has responded to the introduction of auto-enrolment  and has developed a new … Continue reading

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