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“Who’d want to be a pension trustee?” – asks a pension trustee

Michael Clark is a good friend to this blog and he’s also a useful person to know if you need a good pension trustee or some common sense-ical corporate pension advice. He writes well too and this article (picked up … Continue reading

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Making pensions as important as football

  I have received a nice email from the Pensions Minister , some of which can be shared. It would be easy for Guy Opperman, days after getting Royal Assent to the Pension Schemes Act, to sit back.  Instead  I … Continue reading

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Pension comparisons need not be invidious.

In two recent posts I took a helicopter view of the new pension legislation that received Royal Assent earlier this month. I look first at how the Pension Schemes Act 2021 will be remembered by pension historians and what it … Continue reading

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How will history remember the Pension Schemes Act 2021?

  The Pension Schemes Bill received Royal Assent last week and is now enacted. Though assent is a formality, it draws the line in the sand. “What is changing”  is now “what has changed” and the work of Guy Opperman … Continue reading

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“The best use of our resources”

  This article is from Dave Brooks ( @pensionsdave) ,Technical Director at Broadstone. It was originally published here. It is a good contribution to the debate which has raged on this blog.  The trickiest balancing act that The Pensions Regulator … Continue reading

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Another expert – Woon Wong- finds USS accumulating surplus assets.

Universities’ superannuation fund is accumulating surplus assets – Woon Wong. 19 Jan 2021   Woon Wong1  believes  that the valuation of the USS’s liabilities and the call for higher payroll contributions are incorrect. Woon argues that the scheme is entirely … Continue reading

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Codes and the Interim Consultation Response – Con Keating watches them spinning out of Control

Very early in my career, in order to learn to understand and speak Japanese, it was necessary to comprehend the circumlocutions and etiquette of that culture. ‘Yes, but….’ means ‘NO!’ was an early revelation.  Responses to regulatory consultations similarly have … Continue reading

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Managing and measuring DB schemes (Keating, Tilba and Clacher)

With the intention of keeping the Pension Regulator focused, Keating and Clacher have recruited Dr Anna Tilba of Durham University to their ranks.  A powerful triumvirate of pension intellectuals whose latest  blog is an antidote to the toxicity of pseudo … Continue reading

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A Minister Drinking the Regulator’s Kool-Aid – No Consolation

An article by Con Keating The  preamble to a recent article in Professional Pensions by the Pensions Minister, Guy Opperman, read: ” In the fourth of a five-part series of articles for PP, pensions minister Guy Opperman sets out how … Continue reading

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The Regulator’s not for turning; in conversation with David Fairs,

  David Fairs and I were born within a couple of months and have both spent our careers in pensions. We enjoy each other’s company so when David suggested that we spent the last 90 minutes of the business week … Continue reading

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