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Watch out for that land down under! Australia’s as confused as we are!

Australia is the land where the market never crashes. It is  a nation of double digit compulsory pension contributors , of universal pension engagement and an example to us all. Well some of this is true, but if recent reports coming out of … Continue reading

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“Financial Home for the over 50s”

Well that’s what Oliver Wyman is telling insurers with workplace pension books to aspire to be. I haven’t seen this phrase in any IGC report but it does it for me. I well remember meetings when I was at Zurich … Continue reading

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“As for pensions – tell me what to do and let me get on with it!”

The quote in the title comes from a friend of mine, who has a successful web-based comparison site (that doesn’t compare pensions). The comment has haunted me since Christmas. What’s that coming over the hill?!? uh- “guidance”… uh – “single … Continue reading

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Martin Lewis and Facebook

Martin Lewis is a god, he is followed by millions because he is consistent in what he does. He does not advertise products. And yet Facebook allow advertisers to hi-jack his brand, even his image and use it to endorse … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to “pot follows member”?

The Liberal pension spokesperson – the very shadowy Stephen Lloyd, has labelled the Conservative Government “incompetent” for shelving Steve Webb’s pot follows member initiative (which should have arrived in 2016). Guy Opperman, with the weight of the Government’s massive research … Continue reading

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Opportunities knock – on “vulnerability watch”

If you’re a student in Manchester and you’re desperate to keep going out with your mates (rather than studying), help is at hand! For only 1160% APR, you could get up to £350 of drinking time till your student loan … Continue reading

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Lady Lucy out lock-busting (again)!

It’s been a slow start to the boating year on the Thames. Heavy rain and snow made Easter boating unpleasant and dangerous and it’s only in the past few days that river-levels have subsided to take red boards off mid-Thames … Continue reading

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Alright LCP and First Actuarial – here’s my ESG challenge to you!

I’d alert readers to an excellent thought piece by LCP consultant, Sam Cobley. You can read it here. Sam ponders why, while every trustee and IGC chair is now commenting on Responsible Investment and Environmental, Social and Governance issues. So few … Continue reading

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Con Keating’s report of David Blake’s CDC workshop

This is a personal and idiosyncratic commentary on the Pensions Institute/Netspar workshop for the exchange of experiences and views of DC plans in the UK and Netherlands. While there was little which was entirely new to me, there was much … Continue reading

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By George, I just shrunk the pension!

While “workplace pensions” go from strength to strength in terms of coverage, the amount of money being paid as “pensions”, certainly in the private sector, is likely to shrink. this article looks at why and asks some awkward questions about … Continue reading

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