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How do we manage the baby-boomers “huge” pensions?

The idea that £1m is a cap on huge pensions , beyond which we pay penal tax rates, is ludicrous. In answer to a question on this blog, I did some simple sums. Here first is the answer Nicholas, a … Continue reading

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Good and bad news for Tata’s pension scheme

BSPS members down but not out The deal facing members of the British Steel Pension Schemes(BSPS)  isn’t great , but it’s a whole lot better than that predicted. What’s clear is that there won’t be much future accrual of defined … Continue reading

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If past performance doesn’t matter- what does?

Performance measurement is a deeply unpopular science. If there is one phrase that financial services has given to popular parlance it’s that “Past performance is no guide to the future” This worthy sentiment would ring hollow to the person transferring … Continue reading

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Workplace pensions – what really matters.

For the past few years I have provided data and qualitative judgement to NMG, a company that researches insurance companies and the service they provide intermediaries. The information NMG has asked of me has been about my perception of those … Continue reading

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A new pension deal for the self- employed

In April 2015, the Government announced it intended to abolish class 2 National Insurance Contributions and replace them with a new system for the payment of Class 4 NICS. On 5th December they published more detail. Broadly this will mean … Continue reading

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Beyond payroll – where AE gets tricky

Legitimising off-payroll workers Off-payroll workers (AKA personal service workers) are not moon-lighting benefit scroungers, they are part of the outsourcing process that ensures Government Departments and private employers can manage services effeciently. But the rules that govern the status of … Continue reading

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  When we entered 2016 we were fully expecting a major reform of pension tax relief, auto-enrolment to fall over and austerity. We have ended the year with our pension system much as it was but with the economy in … Continue reading

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So what about 2017?

2016 turned out to be a relatively uneventful year for pensions (despite all the noise). 2017 looks to have the hallmarks of disruption all over it but whatever happens to pensions will be eclipsed by the wider implications of our … Continue reading

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“The pension transfer lottery” – thoughts from a PlayPen lunch.

At a consumer level, the absurdity of pension deficit volatility, seemed to me abstract and notional. But yesterday’s Pension Play Pen lunch changed that.  One of our party reported that the value of his cash equivalent transfer value (CETV) changed … Continue reading

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More market consistent follies – Con Keating on DB and DB transfer values

Today we’ll be looking at DB transfer values at our pension play pen lunch. Con can’t be there but has asked that his thoughts be fed into the debate- here they are These past few weeks, two new subjects have … Continue reading

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