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“Don’t object to the cost- if it’s of your making” -Otsuka reasons with the UUK

Applying the lesson of Prof Cohen’s kidnapper to USS Universities UK objects to a union proposal on grounds that “it requires scheme members to pay much more for a reduced pension benefit”. UUK’s concern for our bank balances reminds me of … Continue reading

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“Focused, faster and more frequent” – tPR unmasks “Friendly” Pensions.

When the Pensions Regulator launched its corporate plan in April of last year, I wasn’t the only person to be a little sceptical. “Intervening more frequently and acting quicker?” – the proof is in the pudding and the pudding had … Continue reading

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Cardano’s CDC submission and what Con Keating thinks of it

This is a critique of Cardano’s submission to the Work and Pensions Committee by Con Keating. Con’s comments are in red and are interspersed with Cardano’s which remain in black. Because of the numbers of formats of the various documents received, much … Continue reading

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“Trust is a fragile thing” – it’s based on sharing.

Alistair Queen of Aviva is a great representative of his company. He curated this graphic to twitter yesterday – and it was well liked. Alistair’s comment was made in the context of frustration from Jon Stapleton, a journalist who has done … Continue reading

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Self-sufficiency for pensions.

  Whether you are in charge of the PPF , one of the 13 Carillion defined benefit schemes, or any one of the thousand or so “distressed” pension schemes that might no have a sponsor able to bale it out;-the term … Continue reading

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First Actuarial on CDC (submission to W&P Select).

First Actuarial is a partnership of consulting actuaries and administrators that offers the full range of pension services to both trustees and employers. Our clients’ pension schemes range in size from £0.5 million to nearly £2 billion in assets. However, … Continue reading

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Here’s how to take the criminality out of pension transfers.

Criminality is now an issue at Port Talbot, specifically whether the actions of those advising BSPS members to transfer benefits away and invest the proceeds in pots managed by Gallium/Newscape/Vega within a SIPP wrapper. There appear to be three schools … Continue reading

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Police probe at Port Talbot is thanks to Al Rush

News that South Wales police have started an investigation into the pensions goings on in and around Port Talbot, is a major development. It escalates what was a pensions investigation into a criminal investigation. This could have radical implications for the regulation of DB … Continue reading

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A call for light touch regulation for CDC

  Light -touch regulation was , has (as the FT predicted) – been dead and buried since 2008. Received wisdom suggests that auto-enrolment would need iron-fist regulation. Con Keating see thing’s differently.  Here – in his words – is why. Regulation of … Continue reading

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The “integrated risk management framework” must include impact on members.

There are certain events where the police anticipate trouble and turn up in anticipation. There are certain traffic black spots where speed cameras are put in to reduce the risk of accidents and there are some occasions when regulators could … Continue reading

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