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Is the mood music on DB transfers changing?

The irrational exuberance that characterised the FT’s pension transfer seminar in the spring may have marked a high-water mark in the rush to liberate. Martin Woolf and Merryn Somerset-Webb urged us to take our pension in our own hands (or … Continue reading

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It’s just not cricket – (that’s why we love it!)

I love cricket, played it very badly and still enjoy a bit of umpiring and scoring. I am a very hands-off cricket fan. That all changed last night when I sat on the Oval terraces and watched Surrey and Middlesex … Continue reading

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Austerity keeps life “nasty, brutish and short”.

      An actuary friend of mine writes to me If we adjust the State Pension Age ahead of time, then it depends on assumptions for future improvement – (as adjustments follow a formula). And right now as you know … Continue reading

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Radio times!

I’m really keen that more people spread the word about pension. One of the ways to do this is to do it yourself. I appreciate that many who read this will not have the independence that I enjoy (thanks to … Continue reading

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Fair, right or honest? The new State Pension Age for Generation Y

If you were born between April 6th 1970 and April 5th 1978 and between 39 and 47, this affects you. You have just slipped one year back from your state retirement age, have another year’s National Insurance Contributions to pay … Continue reading

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Why should employers give a damn about their staff’s retirement welfare?

It’s a straight question, a fair question and one that takes John Ralfe to ask! Why does an employer have any responsibility for employee’s financial future? — John Ralfe (@JohnRalfe1) July 17, 2017 In our subsequent conversation I introduce … Continue reading

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How do you annoy a wealth manager?

Question; how do you annoy a wealth manager? Answer; ask him about his fund supermarket.   It may offend your local wealth manager (aka IFA) but that’s what Reuters call these funds platforms the FCA are investigating and if you believe Platforum, … Continue reading

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Who wins from platforms?

    I enjoyed reading the FCA’s Terms of Reference for its Platform Market Study, it posed many questions and I’m looking forward to the answers. Few investors properly understand what platforms are , what they do and  how much they … Continue reading

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Pension = Wage for life

Sloppy journalism confusing readers. A quick scan of the Daily Telegraph’s Money Pages leaves me hopeless at its hapless reporting of pensions. Somebody should sit down with the whole personal finance team and read them the riot act. Take Mike … Continue reading

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@ShareActionUK – so much with so little!

    t At the beginning of last week I went to the Institute of Directors to see various “think-tanks” congratulate each other on their thinking- typically carried out in plush Mayfair offices at the expense of a Foundation set … Continue reading

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