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One life – one retirement – two regulators

Yesterday’s Pension and Benefits UK conference kicked off with consecutive speech’s from TPR CEO Charles Counsell and the FCA’s Edwyn Schooling Latter. Counsell delivered a staid and unambitious rehearsal of tPR’s agenda and frankly I was bored. Schooling Latter spoke … Continue reading

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Lady Godiva , Neil Woodford and Peeping Tom

  I have taken to reading some of the commentary about what’s going on with this chap Neil Woodford because it’s generally guff and makes me laugh. This blog makes me laugh (and cry) out loud. It’s entitled “Benefits of … Continue reading

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New research shows BSPS transfers driven by fear not greed.

  I have on my google drive a piece of research conducted by one of my friends – a steelworker himself – who was one of the main pillars of support for steelworkers faced with the hard choice of whether … Continue reading

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The advisers who went away

In my experience, sometimes charges aren’t brought to the individual’s attention at all, and thousands per year are paid from their pension fund to an ‘adviser’ who never meets the client again! No advice, no contact, huge charges. — … Continue reading

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Why I’m so noisy now – about CDC

At the end of an excellent day discussing how the financial services industry adapts to the changing way we think about retirement, I asked a question of a panel of experts “Does the decision of 140,000 postal workers to manage … Continue reading

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Who do ACD’s protect?

What is an ACD? I don’t know much about retail funds, so I’ve had to read up about what an ACD is. If you google “authorised corporate director” the first two definitions are from Gallium, a firm very familiar to … Continue reading

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Why I am ashamed to be a Conservative

I am a member of the Tory Party, Mark Field is my MP , the incident in this video occurred half a mile from where I live and work. I am ashamed. I do not want to be a member … Continue reading

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FCA plan to get tough on poor transfer advice

Two unexpected  things happened yesterday; SJP’s candidate for the “fireside chat” with the FCA – went sick (with no replacement offered) and the FCA published their market- wide data results for defined benefit transfers. Together this meant my fireside chat … Continue reading

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How proactive do we want the FCA?

We get the regulators we deserve. It’s no use us whingeing that we have a reactive regulator if we demand a free market without interventions. But when there is evidence of malfeasance, we demand our regulators are quick off the … Continue reading

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For the 2m pension excluded.

Reform the payment of pension tax relief to ensure that no low earners miss out We call on Government to ensure no low earners miss out on the tax top up on their pension contributions. We estimate that this issue … Continue reading

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