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“Spanish steps” – ideas on pension funding from Jon Spain.

Jon Spain is an eccentric brilliant actuary who has worked for many years worked at the Government Actuary’s department. I am proud he has asked me to provide a précis of his response to Charles Cowling’s Sessional Paper to the Institute … Continue reading

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To Belfast with love

I’m off to Belfast today to talk with Brian Spence and the Dalriada trustees. They’ve been billed the Regulator’s Rottweiler and I didn’t do much for their brand by dubbing them “Rentokil”. My day-out is partly to build commercial links … Continue reading

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The nastiest, hardest problem in finance

  For all the emotion surrounding transfer values, it’s worth taking a step back and ask the simple question “should I stay or should I go”. In July, John Ralfe wrote what (for me) is still the best summary of the situation … Continue reading

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How will the Chancellor balance the pension books?

  Those who see pensions as the fat underbelly of Government spending undoubtedly include the Treasury, who are busy sifting through their options this weekend in readiness for the Chancellor’s Autumn budget on Thursday. One of the rituals of modern … Continue reading

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“The belly of the beast” – Con Keating and the Investment Association

Con Keating is not everybody’s cup of tea, but he’s mine – especially when he’s after  transparency. This shows him with a timely warning to those who think leaving transparency in the hands of the Investment Association is a good … Continue reading

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A brave and timely response to UUK’s proposals

  I was wondering how to react to news that the UUK (the employers of university staff) is proposing to axe future Defined Benefit accrual into the USS. Anger or sorrow seemed the two main candidates as I flew back last night. I was … Continue reading

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Getting away from it all

Ten days ago, Al Rush and I were steaming down the motorway in Al’s £850 Jaguar to Port Talbot. When we got there met some steel workers and some retired steelworkers and people who ran the rugby club and we met … Continue reading

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Taylor – the Full Monty or a stitch-up?

  I was asked to comment on the impact of the Taylor Report on Payroll at the Reward Autumn Update. Though I had been promised a script from Matthew Taylor himself, it never turned up – maybe I was stitched … Continue reading

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What does a successful pension scheme look like? Derek Benstead

  On Monday night, I attended an actuarial sessional in Staples Inn. This may sound dangerously close to masonry. It was a worthy use of two hours- though it is actuaries only and I suffered (I kept my mouth shut … Continue reading

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Pension Advice; it’s all about getting paid.

I have read and listened to a lot about professional integrity.  Having been an IFA and being now a fee-based consultant, I know that the first thought you go to bed with (and wake up with) is “how am I going to get … Continue reading

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