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Just who’s accountable for how our pension savings do?

There’s been a lot this week on social media about blame. Perhaps the most pertinent criticism of accountability in pensions came from an IFA. Which you then won’t satisfy because they’ll have no idea how they’ve done they’ll just have … Continue reading

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When naming and shaming had to stop

It now is clear there are not one but two firms that have been hit with a  £350,000 fine through escalating penalties from the Pensions Regulator and both relate to the non-payment of monies into staff pension accounts. These are … Continue reading

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How does my son feel about being 75?

There had to be a point for Ian Duncan Smith running a summer scare story around pushing the state pension age to 75. We have just been through a lengthy consultation and review of the state pension age. It culminated … Continue reading

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How disruptors are reverted to mean

  I’ve been building up momentum for the idea behind AgeWage for about a year now. So far we have raised £500,000 through a crowd-funded EIS scheme, built an algorithm, created a new pensions index with Morningstar and incited sufficient … Continue reading

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Value for money? Let the saver decide

  Earlier this year AgeWage ran a series of snap polls which proved popular enough! We have spent the past six months asking people what they want to know about their workplace pensions and they tell us that once they’ve … Continue reading

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Judge rules that people matter (shock)

What does that do to the buyout market? — andrew young (@glesgabrighton) August 19, 2019 Adrian is right, Andrew is barking up the wrong tree! The issue here is not “what does this mean for the bulk annuity market, but … Continue reading

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The state of pensions – from Lady Lucy

  It’s an odd Monday morning, I’m on my boat, BBC Radio Wales have just asked me to comment on a story about the state pension (no chance – I’m setting up my boat) and in a few minutes Professional … Continue reading

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“Fifty shades of nay” – how hard should it be to get digital access to your data?

Providers are always finding new ways to stop AgeWage getting the data authorised us by letters of authority (LOA). Even when an individual signs an LOA – and the insurer is legally required to act on it – the struggle … Continue reading

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NEST, technology and personalisation

I really admire this Rowlands chap. I’ve know him for the best part of 30 years and in all that time he has never been anything but a gent. He’s now a Director at NEST and I urge you to … Continue reading

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Provider’s mixed messaging on CETVs

A troop of CEOs have paraded accross New Model Adviser in the past week, all claiming that banning contingent charging would stop advisers working in the mass market. Quilter’s Andy Thompson speaks out here Simply Biz’ Matt Timmins speaks out … Continue reading

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