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I’d like to get excited about the cold calling ban…

It’s easy to be cynical The following thoughts went through my mind when I realised that today is Wednesday 9th January, the day when the ban pension cold calling comes into place. “Why has it taken three years four months since … Continue reading

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Inquiry on contingent charging for transfer advice? Bring it on!

  The Work and Pension Select Committee is holding an inquiry into the way that pension transfer advice is charged for. This may seem an arcane subject but it’s not. As this blog has said many times, contingent charging was … Continue reading

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Whitbread bosses gold-plate their pensions while Costa staff are ignored.

Here is the news; Whitbread bosses are buying off the authorities by injecting £3380m into their DB pension scheme, kicking it into notional surplus. If you want to read the press release- it’s here in Professional Pensions. The Whitbread Group … Continue reading

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Better the bitter pill today…

Hmm. Bit of context: a) approx £20 *billion* transferred in 17/18; b) as article says, doubling of comp is over *two years* during which time transfer volume increased *much faster* – so comp percent has actually fallen…. — Steve … Continue reading

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Why the Single Finance Guidance Body must work

Paul Lewis’ MoneyBox ran a fun slot (21 minutes) with the results of a twitter competition Paul had run to find the best name for the Single Financial Guidance Body. “Money McMoneyface” seems to have caught the presenter’s eye but … Continue reading

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“Why commercial dashboards?”. Pension PlayPen lunch – Monday Jan 7th

The one thing missing from the dashboard debate so far has been a robust case for a commercial dashboard. At the Pension PlayPen lunch on Monday , I want to have an open and honest debate about how people in … Continue reading

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Will the FCA will ban contingent charging now?

The FCA should release its market wide research on the quality of pension transfer advice. Individuals who have taken out pension transfers, and the decent operators, need to know who is causing the problems and how widespread mis-selling is in … Continue reading

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One for Mum

Although she doesn’t read my blogs, my Mum inspires many of them. On Wednesday she had her second new knee in six months and is now an 86 year old bionic woman. Thanks to the NHS, she has not just … Continue reading

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The fun of crowdfunding

I’m wondering if you’ve used crowdfunding. If you have- then I wonder if you could drop me a line at and spare me ten minutes of your experience. It looks likely that AgeWage will be raising quite a lot … Continue reading

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Sleepwalking into a dozy dashboard monopoly.

The Government is minded to tender a single contract to run a pension finder service. This is a regressive strategy which we need to say NO to. Giving control of the pension dashboard’s central piece of architecture to a single … Continue reading

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