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Could a wealth tax fix our broken economy?

Britain is broke, for the second time in 12 years our economy has hit the buffers but this time the noises coming out of Government suggest that it is the wealthy who will pay to fix it. This would be … Continue reading

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Grieving for Guy and Flora Opperman

People have various ways of dealing with grief, some withdraw and deal with it privately, others share their grief with others. Our Pensions Minister, Guy Opperman has chosen to share the grief he has over the loss of his newly … Continue reading

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Public and private sector partnerships in pensions.

  Mick McAteer of the Financial Inclusion Centre and Romi Savova of Pension Bee   I have a high regard for Mick McAteer, someone who’s passion is compassion. Mick fiercely believes in the primacy of the public sector in delivering … Continue reading

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Keating and Clacher ask “Why do DB Funding levels matter?”

Scheme funding is now the principal risk management tool for DB schemes, a development which has been encouraged by parliament and the regulatory authorities. It appears that the answer to everything is ever more funding of the pension promise and … Continue reading

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Trustees have nothing to fear from making members money matter

“How can schemes make ESG compliance meaningful?“ that’s the question Angus Peters of FT’s Pension Expert asked his readership. It may not sound the snappiest of headlines but here’s what followed and after spending yesterday afternoon at the launch of … Continue reading

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Making My Money Matter – all a little bit polite.

It didn’t feel like winning, it didn’t feel like losing. The launch of Making My Money Matter has just over 500 attendees and featured accomplished performances from Richard Curtis, Mark Carney, Helen Dean, Gillian Tett , Tanya Steele and Russel … Continue reading

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Pension Bee – Making Money Matter!

  I’m  pleased to see Pension Bee announce it is one of the founding pledge partners of Make My Money Matter, a new national campaign calling for the UK to have ‘pensions with intention’. PensionBee, the UK’s leading online pension … Continue reading

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Pensions are today’s Big Read for FT readers

It is worth getting hold of an FT today or taking out a subscription. Jo Cumbo Robin Wigglesworth and Billy Nauman  have compiled stunning insights from around the world on how the pandemic has deepened the global pension crisis. I’ve … Continue reading

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Lock down or look up?

I recently published a blog suggesting that the approach Sweden has taken to managing the pandemic delivers a start warning to Britain.  Today I publish comment on the blog from two people whose views I value. Both see Sweden’s response … Continue reading

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For workplace pensions value for money means……..

    One of the questions in the FCA’s consultation on value for money is whether its definition is ok or whether we can find a better one. This is our definition Pension value for money’s measured by the amount … Continue reading

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