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What’s happening to your public sector pension?

This blog is written for those in public sector pensions who are interested in how their pensions in retirement are likely to be affected by Government interventions. It looks at  the difficult areas for those in defined benefit schemes, the … Continue reading

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Public sector worker? Two great ways to boost your pension.

This chart is from LCP’s excellent paper “the ski-slope of doom” which explains that a generation of workplace savers employed in the  private sector  will no longer be getting DB pensions but inferior DC pots (which they will have to … Continue reading

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LGPS AVCs- how can Prudential get it this wrong?

  Shaun Tetley (pictured) who is chair of the CIPP’s Public Sector Specialist Interest Group and an AVC specialist,  has explained to me the problems the LGPS’ 90 pension funds are having with Prudential AVCs. Shaun and I have developed … Continue reading

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Investing in the right place

I am very pleased to hear about a new project designed to get pension schemes investing in the right place. You can read about it here It’s an initiative that impacts us all, we all pay council tax or at … Continue reading

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Pension committees “stay alert”!

    Alarm bells rang when I read Stephanie Hawthorne’s report on the reaction of some Pension Schemes to the challenges of the current pandemic ‘Lockdown spikes fears of democratic deficit in LGPS’  A survey of 83 local authorities conducted … Continue reading

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Championing better funds – well done Chris Sier

And last but by no means least our 2019 industry champions are … #PIPA2019 @SierChris @margaretsnowdon pic.twitter.com/ImeRIye3Tr — Pensions Expert (@pensions_expert) May 15, 2019 It’s good to see Chris get this award and see him in his kilt Congratulations to … Continue reading

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Listening to what is being said.

Colin Meech wins the peace A couple of days ago, I spent an enlightening hour in Parliament listening to the witness of Colin Meech and Jonathan Lipkin to the Work and Pensions Select Committee. I have known Colin a few … Continue reading

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Could a Local Government Pension Scheme go bust? NO

  Well the answer “no” as has been explained to me by Colin Meech of Unison – who makes the following points; LA’s can not go bust in the way you suggest – they would be taken over by government … Continue reading

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Poking sticks at LGPS in a “shouty” report – Johnson just isn’t helping.

In 2013 Michael Johnson of The Centre for Policy Studies  published a paper “the local Government Pension Scheme; opportunity knocks” http://tinyurl.com/jru498m. Today he publishes the sequel, “the LGPS- the lost decade”. http://tinyurl.com/jtz2jwx In the intervening period, Johnson has seen none … Continue reading

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Government Pensions? Who’s money is it anyway?

The vast majority of the money outstanding to those who work and have worked for Government is to be paid as pension. The Government’s pension debts – for its own people – have been estimated in the Whole of Government … Continue reading

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