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Pension risk sharing – a bright idea for Labour

It is now 25 years since this country was introduced to “stakeholder economics” – the concept that Government could engender a more friendly form of capitalism where profits were shared more equitably between stakeholders – including workers and consumers. This … Continue reading

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Downing Street’s three pension interventions this century.

Intervention one – The Turner Commission. It is useful from time to time to revisit the work of Adair Turner’s Pension Commission which first reported in 2004. 18 years on the generation it considered “young” are now approaching the “normal … Continue reading

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Why has the left – left pensions?

Sad to say, I doubt that more than a tiny percentage of my readership, let alone the general public know who Labour’s shadow pension minister is. Since Gregg McClymont lost his Cumbernauld seat in 2015, the post has been occupied … Continue reading

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Let’s get USS done!

What does the Trustee do? Ask a 7 year old what a Trustee does and a 7 year old would say “do trust”.  This is the verdict of chapter 7 of the second Joint Expert Panel on the Trustee of … Continue reading

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WASPI – thoughts on fairness

I’m going to use this blog to pick out the key points arising from the restitution offer made by Labour to the WASPI women. My conclusion is that this matter is best dealt with in the light of the determination … Continue reading

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Conservative manifesto best on pensions

Fantastic news that today’s Conservative Manifesto includes a commitment to look at the pensions net pay anomaly. I hope all other parties will now make the same commitment. pic.twitter.com/4MUXrwlDCE — Adrian Boulding (@AdrianBoulding) November 24, 2019 Adrian , along with … Continue reading

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What hope should WASPI take from political promises?

A very complex issue This is not a blog about the rights or wrongs of WASPI, it is simply a statement about party political promises to women in  the UK , born in the nineteen fifties. Their case is made … Continue reading

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“Introducing Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) pension schemes in the UK” – CDC roundtables in Brighton and Manchester

This invitation came to me from the PMI (thanks Tim Middleton) and I imagine that many people who live in Brighton of Manchester might like to go to one of these meetings, if so – as they are public and … Continue reading

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A time of trust – not guarantees.

About the time that I was ranting to TISA about the complacency with which we are dismantling the retirement promises made to those who were promised a DB pension based on the years they worked with the company;- this happened! … Continue reading

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“Glass half-full please!”

Glass half empty Imagine you are heading the motor industry’s trade body and you put out a statement telling the public that small cars are unsafe. It would be true in as much as tanks rarely come off worse in … Continue reading

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