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Strong Government and self-regulation

Yesterday saw the Government finally put its foot down and demand we comply with its request to stay at home. Short of putting troops on the street there is not much more that it can do- now it is over … Continue reading

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Invest to change the world! #plsainvest20

  Investment has a PR problem. We do not aspire to be investors (no matter what Sid said). Indeed we (as in those who don’t normally go to investment conferences) think investment people arrogant, aloof and often downright crooked. A … Continue reading

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Now it’s a Pension “Green” Bill

  The Government has introduced  radical new amendments to the Pension Schemes Bill  which allows it to force effective governance and disclosure of climate risk by occupational pensions schemes. What’s “radical” is that these amendments give the DWP the power … Continue reading

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Tom McPhail – “the Thunderer’s thunderer” #pensions #tax #relief

Sir, The government should abandon its attempts to find a quick fix to the pension allowance taper problem affecting high earners including doctors and judges (“Pension tax windfall for top earners”, Jan 16, and letter, Jan 17). The pension tax … Continue reading

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The impact of the Australian bushfires

If anything good comes out of the Australian bushfires, it will be an understanding of their impact on our planet . There are still those in Australia who claim that the bushfires could have happened at any time, but the … Continue reading

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Why the FCA cares about IGCs

New powers for IGCs Slipped into the wash-up of consultation responses and Calls for Input published in the last full business week of 2019 was the FCA’s PS19/30 which substantially extends the role of IGCs IGCs currently provide independent oversight … Continue reading

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“Evolution not revolution” as important for what it omits as what it says.

My view when I started this morning’s blog #Poole #Dorset #NovemberToMember — Pension Plowman (@henryhtapper) November 16, 2019  I finished reading “Evolution not revolution – five years of freedom” sensing something had been missing. That something has just come … Continue reading

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DC Governance turned upside down

Everyone acknowledges that defined contribution pensions turns the risk register on its head. Instead of sponsors taking the risk of poor performance, poor information and poor governance, these risks are now taken by savers. So why doesn’t scheme governance reflect … Continue reading

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Pensions need a “dashboard-ready” standard

Jo Cumbo has called out the “elephant in the room” as the data quality of the pension schemes that look after  our money , our data and our resources for security in retirement. If data is money them money is … Continue reading

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Concerns about Pension Dashboard transparency (and how to calm them)

  “The Pensions Schemes Bill makes provision for Pensions Dashboards which will provide everyone with clear simple access to all of their pension information on one portal”. This quote, from Francis Goss, who is on the dashboard working group, tells … Continue reading

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