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Why there is no “opt-out” for the self-employed.

  I get annoyed when I hear pension experts opine on including the self-employed in auto-enrolment (1). I don’t see much self-employment on their CVs, I certainly don’t see many of them being self-employed out of necessity. But most of … Continue reading

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“The Gold Star DC Pension Plan” – awaiting conception!

    That good chap Jonathan Stapleton     who runs mags for Incisive has asked me for my view on what makes for a gold star DC pension scheme. I’ve submitted 150 words which I hope will find their way into a … Continue reading

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Tax-subsidies on retirement advice; a waste of public funds!

The Government intends to extend tax breaks on pensions to allow those with pension pots to use them to pay for advice. The details are in this consultation document. The fundamental premise is that taking financial advice on retirement matters … Continue reading

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Good retirement outcomes depend on collective solutions

The FCA have called for evidence on the likely success of our current “at retirement” strategy, this response is consistent with what this blog has been saying for some years, collective problems need collective solutions, the market is not enough, … Continue reading

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Secondary annuities- more questions than answers

  I’ve been asked for my views on secondary annuities. I asked myself would I trade my annuity. Of course, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t buy one. I wouldn’t sell my state pension, I wouldn’t sell my rights to my defined … Continue reading

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So what would a pension exit charge cap look like?

Yesterday I spoke on Money Box in support of a cap on exit fee penalties from legacy personal pensions. Claire Trott spoke well in opposition and I’m quite sure that the ABI will take comfort in her argument that a … Continue reading

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Companies count the cost of pension freedoms

Pension freedoms are … creating a human resources burden, the CBI said, as company leaders try to ensure their older staff do not spend their pension pots early and face hanging on to their jobs when they should have retired. “Even … Continue reading

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What passing bells for those who work as cattle?

It’s currently cool to talk about treating your workforce as a commodity. Evidence- Jeff Bezos can get on the Front Page of the New York Times for his experiments in office cruelty. “Amazon is successful right now- Bezos must be getting … Continue reading

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Measure 4 Measure (why we rate things)

A very curious article appeared on the NOW blog yesterday, I took exception to it and wrote to NOW to tell them. You can read the article here. It’s author, the excellent Martin Olive had clearly become frustrated with “rating … Continue reading

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NEST – Lamborghini or Trabant?

Yesterday I wrote about NEST’s great steps towards an integrated approach to the management of auto-enrolment data. I didn’t hear anyone else asking the question “is NEST acting as a force for good or is it over-stepping the remit we , … Continue reading

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