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Whatever happened to the reform of pension tax relief?

The Government’s plans to resolve the injustices of the Pension Tax Relief system appear to have been ditched. Announced in the budget of 2015, expected in that year’s autumn statement and postponed in the months running up to this year’s … Continue reading

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A tragic tale of a split pension.

    This is the sad story of how someone, intent on running her finances independently of her “ex”, destroyed her personal financial security. It relates to a former member of my family and I am desperately sorry for her, … Continue reading

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Secondary annuities- more questions than answers

  I’ve been asked for my views on secondary annuities. I asked myself would I trade my annuity. Of course, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t buy one. I wouldn’t sell my state pension, I wouldn’t sell my rights to my defined … Continue reading

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Secondary annuities – who benefits? RALPH FRANK

Another great guest blog from Ralph- keep them coming Ralph – your reader stats are awesome!(Pension Plowman) The seemingly inexorable march towards the creation of a secondary annuity market passed two significant milestones last week.  HMRC published a consultation covering the … Continue reading

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Heard the one about the Englishman, the Australian and the American?

If you are a fan of such jokes, read no further – the Social Market Foundation’s  (SMF) study “Golden Years? What freedom and choice will mean for UK pensioners“, contains all three characters (unsexed), but there the joking ends. This is … Continue reading

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The ground moving under us.

What I like about August is that it gives you a little space. Nothing much gets done because at least one decision maker is away and we’re all waiting for September. The French just forget about working in August. Because … Continue reading

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GARs – a simpler way out for insurers…

This blog offers insurers a simple way out of the problem they have with Guaranteed Annuity Rates- it means paying the reserved for value of the policy rather than the (lower) investment value of the contributions. By way of explanation.. … Continue reading

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Is commission really dying?

There has been nothing that has so harmed the image of pensions over the past thirty years as the deception of commission. I don’t want to use phrases such as “lack of transparency” or words like “opacity” words like these … Continue reading

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Let’s not get caught with our trousers down (again).

The reason we have NEST and its £400m debt to the tax-payer is that the private sector refused to commit to supporting auto-enrolment ten years ago. If the organisations like Legal & General, Standard Life and Aviva , could have … Continue reading

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When you’re 64… buy the state pension! (girls buy even earlier!)

  I chaired and spoke at a number of retirement income seminars last month – you may have been at one. While I was encouraged by the engagement and education of the audience in financial products, I was frustrated by the scope … Continue reading

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