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Yeovil Town – relight my fire!

In my 13 years with my partner Stella, I cannot remember being quite so much in love as I was  yesterday. She will not thank me for saying it, but her decision to accompany me on a cold and windy … Continue reading

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#WASPI – did we fail in our duty of care?

The WASPI debate that will happen tomorrow is of some significance. Not only will parliament be debating the particular circumstances of a particular group of women, they will be deciding whether the duty of care Government has, to keep its … Continue reading

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“And the language that he used!” Does Workie speak?

  Go to him now, he calls you- you can’t refuse If you ain’t got nothing- you got nothing to lose! Great lines taken out of context from Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone“. The link takes you to a … Continue reading

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Is Workie working? Who’s hot and who’s not in the workplace pension world.

This morning Pension PlayPen launches “Measures of support”. the result of nearly 6 months research into how intermediaries and employers see the workplace pensions they are using to enroll staff. We will be making the report generally public during the … Continue reading

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Is the Pensions Regulator creating a false market in workplace pensions?

More questions – no answers! Yesterday’s blog created a lot of questions from people who shouldn’t have to ask so I reckon it wasn’t clear enough. The blog was itself a voyage of discovery, for as I pressed the various … Continue reading

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When does an agreed contract not bind? Guest blog by Ralph Frank

  This past summer saw a number of Government-initiated consultations, including one into early exit charges levied on (some) pension products.  The Chancellor of the Exchequer has recently announced that the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) is to be mandated to … Continue reading

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And time goes on – and so do I

If this isn’t a line from a Johnny Cash or Hank Williams song, then I may have just written the history of Country and Western in one line! Time does go on, we are now well into the next critical … Continue reading

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At last we have a shadow pension minister

It has been too long since the election for Labour not to have put forward a credible and committed pension minister. It would have been too long at any time, but now- with the state pension undergoing fundamental change and … Continue reading

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Pensions Austerity – tougher for the rich than the poor?

Speculating on budgetary changes is a mugs’ game and I’ve been as guilty as any of trying to second guess not only the direction but the destination of travel – following the announcements last year of a radical overhaul of … Continue reading

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We are staying up – we*are*staying*up! #ytfc

Proud Glover I didn’t watch Yeovil Town crush creepy Crawley 2-1 at the Huish. I have however voted Tahvon Campbell’s goal, goal of the day and I understand that his first ever league goal has indeed made the Sky Sports … Continue reading

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