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Resourceful or complacent – is Gen X saving enough?

By any conventional yardstick, Generation Xers arenot saving enough to retire in their sixties. This is the first finding of a remarkable piece of research by Dunstan Thomas, one of our true “pentechs”. But have conventional yardsticks have validity to … Continue reading

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Don’t blame the young for the way they save – don’t blame the old for the way they spend!

The World Economic Forum has issued a report into retirement savings that concludes that most of us will be bound to the outcomes of defined contribution savings plans rather than the beneficiaries of defined benefit pension plans Don’t blame the … Continue reading

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Getting youngsters saving more

Telling youngsters to save more is a waste of time It’s been a sad 48 hours on twitter watching the wolf pack turn on Paul Claireaux for his cappuccino blog – where Paul postulates that a youngster could have a … Continue reading

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We are not saving enough – official.

  What this chart from the FT shows is that UK Companies and Households are spending more than they are saving. They join our Government in this. We are not like the rest of the world that saves more than … Continue reading

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Not all recycling’s in the public interest!

A lot of people are confused about taking money out of their pensions and the pensions industry isn’t being very helpful in encouraging people to have their money back (funny that!). So when I read a headline in the Financial … Continue reading

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People don’t want to be #engaged or #educated – keep it simple and fun!

I enter into the final days of the year, hoping to hear less of the e-words in 2019. “Education” has been appropriated by the financial community as a way to endorse a value set that suits the financial community. Put … Continue reading

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Save money and party – it’s the best way!

There is saving gene in our DNA. I haven’t  firmly identified it from the human genome project  but I think it’s the black ball just to the left of the light blue one second coil along.   Well there has to be a … Continue reading

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Why save more unless we’re told how we’ve done so far?

I am very excited. I’m excited because I am at last seeing a way to get information on pensions to the people to whom it matters, ordinary people including the small employers who have currently little access beyond that they … Continue reading

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“Rape and Kill” – why the public are turning off retirement advice.

Thanks to the PPI for the second Future Book – Unravelling Workplace Pensions. The 2016 Edition of the PPI’s study on workplace pension is published today. Getting data on the state of workplace pensions has always been tricky. If you … Continue reading

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Property , liquidity and the merit of doing nothing

News that Standard Life , M&G (the Pru) and Aviva have put up the shutters on their property funds is dominating the headlines. We are used to being able to move our money around the market with “impunity”. I put … Continue reading

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