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AgeWage goes public tomorrow – this is why you should invest today!

www.seedrs.com/agewage Today is the last day before we go public with our crowdfunding. Since Wednesday we have been in private mode and so far 60 investors have invested around £140,000. We have promised today of a further £25,000 meaning that … Continue reading

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Why can’t we talk about money without paying for advice?

  Iona Bain has been travelling around Britain finding out what young people are doing to get help with their finances. She has documented her findings in a great FT article Shunned by traditional advisers, younger investors use apps and … Continue reading

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How do you choose your pension drawdown provider?

Between 94% and 75% of us (depending on which official estimate you follow), are not paying for advice. Unadvised drawdown is likely to become more common – unless the mass market advice market revives. Although the banks and insurers are … Continue reading

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Why the pension dashboards have to be commercial

  Government pension projects rarely succeed and where they do succeed – it is because the public and private sectors find a way to work together. There are exceptions – the state pension and unfunded public sector schemes are pretty … Continue reading

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What happens to the money I pay into pensions?

AgeWage have been asking this question to people where WeWork. If you don’t know about WeWork, it’s the largest of a number of co-working spaces that you can find in London, around Britain and all over the world and some … Continue reading

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Paperless pensions are nearly here!

Someone said something great about me last night. It was Kevin O’Boyle, retiring head of BT Pensions. He introduced me to a millenial as “Henry Tapper” the only person my age who thinks like a millenial”. It’s a hell of … Continue reading

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FCA to tame the drawdown bucking bronco!

  Yesterday was a good news day for people concerned about retirement income. The FCA made two meaningful statements on what it intends to do to help ordinary people trying to manage their in retirement finances. The first was the … Continue reading

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Is “engagement” a double edged sword?

The only meaningful measure of a pension’s “value for money” is its appreciation by those getting the money – the pensioners and future pensioners. But those who offer pensions – providers, sponsors and fiduciaries are worried that the answers they … Continue reading

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We Need Breakthrough Business Models, not Breakthrough Technology

I found this article on Linked In. You can find the original here. It makes a lot of sense – not just of why we get bubbles, but how- succesful businesses can be created out of the vacuum when a … Continue reading

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“Deliver me a world without work”!

In almost every conversation I have had about the purpose of a pension dashboard, up comes the word “engagement”. Engagement has become the horse to the savings cart, “you can’t expect people to save more unless you’ve engaged them with … Continue reading

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