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Will DB schemes scrambling for cash – cause further carnage?

I spoke to one CEO of a large DB pension scheme yesterday evening who had spent the day arranging to liquidate a large proportion of the scheme assets to pay the margin calls on its LDI portfolio. The amounts of … Continue reading

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“The theoretical and analytical basis for the DWP’s funding regulations are not fit for purpose”.

This is the third in our series of blogs addressing the questions posed in the DWP’s Funding Regulations consultation. The previous blogs may be seen firstly here and secondly here. We follow the same conventions as in previous blogs. Industry … Continue reading

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Inflation stalks the halls of the PLSA conference.

  The PLSA’s Edinburgh conference is for a second time happening in the midst of turmoil. Yesterday’s event started with a montage of footage beginning in March 2020 when the event last took place and taking us to today reminding … Continue reading

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Better savings beat bitter outcomes!

For the majority of people, the simple rules of saving early, saving hard and being patient apply. The savings agenda can’t be dominated by fear of penal taxation on those with high earnings and wealth. https://t.co/rpfzJ86uX4 — Henry Tapper (@henryhtapper) … Continue reading

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Phoenix should be putting out fires – not fanning the flames!

Phoenix are rightly taking some stick for suggesting that the young should pay more for their pension investment than the old. It would be hard to present an argument in a worse way than Phoenix/Standard Life’s PR team have managed … Continue reading

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Guy Opperman on “pension wealth funds”, horses and talking responsibly

Do good jockeys make good pension ministers? The Talking Responsibly Podcast opened with Guy Opperman explaining what attracted him to racing horses. “You’re dependent on the horse, so long as your horse is good enough, you can compete with the … Continue reading

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What will this “investment big bang” mean for our pensions?

BREAKING: The UK Pensions Regulator is to drop plans to require UK defined benefit schemes to limit private market investment to 20% of their portfolio. More follows. — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) August 5, 2021 This u-turn comes 6 months after … Continue reading

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MaPS – this is not the way to buy investment pathways!

I wonder how many of the 60,000 people who each month decide they want to “get at” their pension money, are finding their way to MaPS website set up for people to understand and compare their investment pathway options (for … Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment’s difficult second album

When auto-enrolment started I, naively as it turns out, hoped that small employers would be excited enough by the chance to choose a workplace pension, to consider what made for a good scheme and download a report that told them … Continue reading

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Pension trustees -you can’t buy a sausage with a brick!

There is an interesting article in  the FT which has sparked quite different reactions from people I know. Here is it’s presentation from Jo Cumbo, who has strong views on investing other people’s money for social purpose. It’s Jo’s article. … Continue reading

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