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Want to know about investment risk? Quietroom’s “difficult second video”!

The good people at Quietroom have come up with another classic. I have to admit to having a bit part – I was the idiot who they asked to edit their script – as if! I think it is a … Continue reading

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Cash beats shares for capital gains (but not for pensions).

Paul Lewis has produced a brilliant study that shows how the outcomes of investing a capital sum in cash would have been better than investing in shares over the past 21 years. Paul is right, the numbers do  not lie and … Continue reading

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Phoenix and its heroic IGC

Not a job for the boys Of all the duff jobs out there, being Chair of the Phoenix IGC must rank high in the pantheon. Phoenix is a shell company that over the years has acquired a number of life … Continue reading

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Standard Life’s IGC’s annual report; deceptively good!

The Standard Life Independent Governance Committee’s Chair, Rene Poisson, published his first annual report yesterday, you can read it here either in summary or in its full 40 pages. Most will read the summary but for those interested in product … Continue reading

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Good (and bad) news on investment fee disclosure!

The FT reports that the Investment Association has stated “we can see a way to build an underlying system, a common template, that will provide data tailored in a way that is suitable to both retail and institutional investors” That’s … Continue reading

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Why assume gains before they are earned? (guest blog by Ralph Frank)

  Downturns in financial markets have been known to trigger bouts of introspection.  Current markets seem to be no different in this regard.  Some investors have seen their carefully crafted plans blown off course, possibly not for the first time, … Continue reading

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What if? ……Investment reporting for the future…

What if….. when I opened Google Earth and ran the cursor over my home town/county/country , I could see Housing stock being built Brownfield sites being redeveloped Start ups igniting into action Listed companies adapting to a new cleaner  greener … Continue reading

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Terry Smith – What I have learned from Fundsmith in the Past Five Years

Fundsmith is my favourite fund manager. Like Aberdeen (another favourite whose conference I’m going to today), it is an organisation with a strong purpose (moral and social). Terry Smith is an extraordinary man who’s views are always worth reading. He … Continue reading

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SHOW ME THE MONEY! What’s going to happen our auto-enrolment savings?

People want to know what happens to the money they invest and we are terrible about explaining where their money ends up. This blog talks about how we can make pension investment as vivid and real as the picture above. Over … Continue reading

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“TEEN-AGE kicks” – incentivising sensible spending in retirement

“A teenage dream’s so hard to beat.. Just say those words and I’m thinking  1978, radio under the pillow – John Peel show – 11pm. But I could relive the TEEN- AGE kicks in a few years time, if that … Continue reading

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