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The Treasury’s review of funds should remember all who use them!

The Government faces four particular challenges in its regulation and promotion of the UK asset management industry. It has much to lose and little to gain from change – Britain is Europe’s largest asset management hub and the disruption of … Continue reading

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Could pension freedoms mortgage our future? too?

In her role as global pensions consultant, Jo Cumbo has been looking at early withdrawals from pensions around the world. Having looked closely at Australia, where there is some evidence of increased withdrawals by younger members, the FT looked this … Continue reading

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The heavens open on tPR and DWP’s DB plans

As predicted in my recent blog , the heavens have opened and the Government’s plans for a new DB funding code and powers to the Regulator to make it stick are at risk of being deluged by industry criticism. Not … Continue reading

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How politics stripped pensioners over a generation – Clacher & keating

  Iain Clacher and Con Keating explain the headwinds faced by pension schemes over the past 30 years. They explain how we have been systematically stripped of our pensions.   In this, our second article on DB pensions history, we … Continue reading

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“He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”

I am very pleased that Con Keating and Iain Clacher’s recent article has got so much attention , both in terms of readers and in terms of social media comment. Though I am one of those who thinks the Pension … Continue reading

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What of the Government’s measures to help start-ups?

At the start of the month I supported Brent Hoberman of Founder’s Factory in his appeal to the Government to help start-ups survive. As a result of this I was asked to write a further article outlining how AgeWage could … Continue reading

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Have the Treasury got a pension plan – or just a jerky knee?

You might not like the thought of paying tax on your pension contributions, but it’s coming   They’ve done it once and they could do it again. The Treasury could change pension saving as radically as they changed pension spending. … Continue reading

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Our right to dream of a fairer deal for older people.

It’s been another brutal week in politics. I’m glad that the pensions team in place at the start of it – remain in place at the end of it.  I’m pleased  that Guy Opperman remains our pensions minister. As my … Continue reading

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Treasury flies a pension kite on a stormy weekend

For as long as I’ve been advising on pensions, the weeks running up to the budget have been filled with rumours of draconian reductions in the subsidies available to the rich to featherbed their retirement. This FT story has the … Continue reading

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A pension tax- relief debate (beats Love Island any Sunday)

While the nation was working out Dancing on Ice and the new #loveisland line-up,  I was engaged in an intellectual arm-wrestle with amongst others, Mike Otsuka, John Ralfe, Sam Pickford, Steve Bee and (in the stands) Ros Altmann. The topic, … Continue reading

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