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Should we block the triple lock?

  Ros Altmann speaks out (shock!) We now have three former  pension ministers making a lot more noise than our current pension minister. Ros Altmann who we are now realising never should have done the jog Steve Webb who should … Continue reading

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No! Pension Minister!

   Did she jump – was she pushed? Speaking on Vanessa Feltz’s LBC show this morning  (goo.gl/LQ99b8  1:17:20-1:31:21) , Ros Altmann said it was a bit of both. The events since her “resignation” suggest that the role of Pensions Minister … Continue reading

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Tactical transparency from the Investment Association

  Professional Pensions reports that the Investment Association (IA) have appointed senior pension figures to advise the it on a new disclosure code for investment costs. Helen Morrisey, the paper’s editor is optimistic I’m sure the process will be challenging but … Continue reading

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Brexit not AExit

  Disruption of auto-enrolment happened way before the recent referendum and is set to continue as one of the many unintended consequences of a leave vote. The ambitious legislative reforms put in place by the coalition’s pension minister Steve Webb … Continue reading

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Lisa and Wisa – bosum buddies or a pair of boobs?

Reactions  to Michael Johnson’s performance in front of the Work and Pensions Select Committee polarise between the enthusiastic (Michael Johnson) and the derisory (the pension establishment). In between are those on the Select Committee such as Richard Graham MP who … Continue reading

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Pension Freedoms need a Pension Dashboard

Jo Cumbo asks how the Pension Freedoms are bedding down. I don’t have access to the big data of an insurer but I am 54 and am now only six months from my entitlement to blow my savings on whatever I … Continue reading

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A soft centered budget – (not as sweet as it sounded).

Sterling’s a great indicator of how experts really see a budget and yesterday Sterling fell against a basket of major currencies. We may have liked our sugar tax and our Lifetime ISA but the pound fell against the dollar and … Continue reading

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“Help to save accounts”- crumbs for the poor.

  The Government is planning (according to the BBC) to spend £70m of tax-payers money incentivising those who are not in work (but trying to get a job) to build up an emergency kitty. These savings will be held in “help … Continue reading

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David Gauke on making tax digital

    This is the transcript of a speech given  by David Gauke, the  Financial Secretary to the Treasury at the Armstrong Watson event: ‘Essentials of pensions, tax and payroll in 2016’ I think the RTI project one of the … Continue reading

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Running Pension Policy – Snapchat Style!

There are leaks and there are leaks, but this feels like the Treasury pulling the plug out with the bath full and ready! Take a look at the timeline of the Times’ story (12.01am); this is no idle tittle-tattle from the … Continue reading

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