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Has Nest detonated an investment big bang?

The Financial Times reports;- Nest, one of the UK’s largest workplace pension schemes, has announced a £1.5bn private equity spending spree in the biggest move by a British retirement scheme into the asset class. The £20bn state-backed pension fund with … Continue reading

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Pressure mounts on pensions for a CDC alternative.

“The CDC alternative must now be introduced, because the status quo is so unsatisfactory.” Martin Wolf , writing in the FT In another important article , published today, Martin Wolf points out what we close to pensions cannot see, that … Continue reading

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The FT’s Martin Wolf on meaningful reform to pensions

Two things happened on Sunday that made a difference to my thinking on the pensions. the first was spending a day on my boat with Andrew Young and extended family. Andrew more or less designed the PPF and as deputy … Continue reading

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Private markets – pension’s friend or foe?

Two articles appeared in the FT over the bank holiday weekend that show just how fractured pension investment strategy over private markets is becoming.   In the one, David Fairs, the Pension Regulator’s policy Director expresses concern that small defined … Continue reading

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The FT moves the needle on CDC

As I predicted, yesterday turned out to be a day of pension debate and what started as an editorial in the FT , was continued in an excellent seminar where Claer Barrett , Jo Cumbo and Sebastian Payne explored the … Continue reading

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Pension trustees -you can’t buy a sausage with a brick!

There is an interesting article in  the FT which has sparked quite different reactions from people I know. Here is it’s presentation from Jo Cumbo, who has strong views on investing other people’s money for social purpose. It’s Jo’s article. … Continue reading

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Pension’s race to net-zero

  Tomorrow, employers can choose to participate in a pension plan whose standard investment strategy will  decelerate the creation of carbon emissions to zero.  This article looks beyond the headline and asks what the impact of this bold move will … Continue reading

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Why investors don’t have to choose between their values and their pocket books

This opinion piece challenging the win-win sales pitch of ESG investing has generated a huge amount of comment. https://t.co/bbpTwxMm5J — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) October 25, 2020 I am a 58 year old investor whose pension pot is invested mainly in … Continue reading

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Pensions are today’s Big Read for FT readers

It is worth getting hold of an FT today or taking out a subscription. Jo Cumbo Robin Wigglesworth and Billy Nauman  have compiled stunning insights from around the world on how the pandemic has deepened the global pension crisis. I’ve … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the triple lock

There’s no doubt that the unwinding of the furlough presents the Treasury with a technical problem with the triple lock. You can read the details here But that does not mean that the pensions industry can consider the state pension … Continue reading

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