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Giving doctors a break

“82% of consultants say they are are or are planning  cutting down on work” – Dr Tony Goldstone You can listen here to Dr Goldstone explain the issues facing doctors who find themselves on the cliff edge of taxation and … Continue reading

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Cyber-power; is Facebook our new Government?

When your bobbing up and down on the Thames in a wooden boat for a few days, it’s difficult to imagine how tech platforms are changing the world, but returning to terra- firma and reading “the Fracturing of the Global … Continue reading

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British Steel – workplace pensions go missing

Maria Espadinha’s  excellent article in the FT’s Advisor clarifies to financial advisers that were Greybull to go into administration, there would be no impact on the new BSPS.  It’s a timely reminder as there will undoubtedly be increased vulnerability amongst traumatised … Continue reading

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“We want freedom and choice and we want simplification too”.

Pensions. Tax. Benefits. Each over-complex. When combined: lethal. We shouldn’t blame pension freedoms for the mistakes caused by governments’ habit of making everything too complicated. We want freedom and choice and we want simplification too. — Stuart Fowler (@fowlerdrew) February … Continue reading

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Not all recycling’s in the public interest!

A lot of people are confused about taking money out of their pensions and the pensions industry isn’t being very helpful in encouraging people to have their money back (funny that!). So when I read a headline in the Financial … Continue reading

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Will “DC deficits” become a thing of the past?

News of HMRC’s “change of position” with regards the “net-pay- anomaly” is welcome, and long overdue. It came in the form of a letter sent in response to a request from respected journalist Jo Cumbo of the FT. Govt to … Continue reading

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Our pen-tech free pension picnic!

    “It is one thing for a company to know my vacation shopping patterns or what media I like; it is another for them to access my entire financial history, including my investments” So Rana Foroohar wraps up an … Continue reading

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Frank Field – a Labour warrior.

Frank Field Quits Labour Party https://t.co/lr5COhPfCq pic.twitter.com/yVXTAild4f — Guido Fawkes (@GuidoFawkes) August 30, 2018 Yesterday I reported that Chris Sier and Andy Agethangelou were appearing in front of Frank Field’s Work and Pensions Select Committee. Today I’m writing about Frank … Continue reading

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The self-employed are engaged- they just don’t know what to do.

If you have an FT subscription, follow this link –  you will be able to read Jo Cumbo’s beautifully written opinion piece “Self-employed, the pension world’s great unsolved dilemma”. If you are saving so hard for your pension that you … Continue reading

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Averting a pensions crisis?

I’m on a panel of speakers at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland tonight. The title of our session is “averting a pensions crisis” and were it not the title of the worst album of the seventies, I’d be … Continue reading

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