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Advice – try before you buy. Make your first fee – a fixed fee

Hiring a financial adviser is a serious business, it could be the start of a lifelong relationship , for many people it is. But the financial model for advisers assumes that most clients will have an annuity value, that means … Continue reading

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Should DB transfers be paid “at the trustee’s discretion”?

  The FCA is finally working out a tenable position on the taking of DB transfer values. I suspect that it now considers anyone who would rather have a pension pot rather than a pension “vulnerable”. Which is a pretty … Continue reading

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A chance for pensions to help the CIPP and payroll – HELP PLEASE!

This blog reaches to all the people who do pensions but rely on payroll to do their heavy lifting! That’s about 100% of us then. The CIPP has created a survey which they would like to share with pensions professionals … Continue reading

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Advisers should welcome (not fight) the FCA’s review of in retirement advice

Thankfully , I find  Al Rush’s tweet shocking. If I didn’t – I could have no faith in financial advice and financial advisors. @henryhtapper 👇🏻 https://t.co/IWPFzjn9vx — Rush (@exRAF_Al) February 8, 2023 The vast majority of clients of IFAs rightly  … Continue reading

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Advice or guidance? – It depends how you like to travel!

This blog follows Australian pension regulation, not because that’s what’s trendy in political circles (we are unlikely to see the next pension minister be such an admirer) but because of the it informs debates in this country we are yet … Continue reading

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If you’re choosing a financial adviser – listen to Alan.

Tips for picking advisers include going through their Twitter feed and avoiding those driving a posh car as your fees are paying for it. Judging by some adviser posts, Teslas seem to be a preference https://t.co/g20BfANoM7 — Ali Hussain (@AlihussainST) … Continue reading

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Has lifestyling worked? Who knows?

Who knows! Lifestyling – (sometimes called “life-cycling”) in DC pensions means adjusting the asset allocation of a pension pot to meet changing circumstances as people prepare to crystallise their pension pot(s). A crystallisation is a transaction which sees an encashment … Continue reading

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MaPS faces up to the public as “Moneyhelper”

Introducing MoneyHelper, our new consumer brand, launching from 7 June. Get ready for MoneyHelper using our responses to frequently asked questions, and follow Money and Pensions Service channels for more resources to support you to make the change. https://t.co/tscbcOYE61 pic.twitter.com/LXMHMThqXY … Continue reading

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The secondary market in workplace pensions

In 2013, Pension PlayPen founded a choose a pension service for employers needing to designate a workplace pension so that staff could be auto-enrolled according to the staging roll-out. At the time, we predicted that once the heavy lifting had … Continue reading

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The curse on pensions is the cult of the consultant!

  I thought about calling this blog the “cult of complexity” as in modern English, a cult is a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object, or goal The social group I have in mind is … Continue reading

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