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Who’s kidding whom – on DC pension governance?

I was “privileged” to spend a whole day with one of the many employer groups we have in Britain.  This meeting brought together Directors (especially FDs and Heads of HR) of  Research and Technology organisations. This was a paternalistic group … Continue reading

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Standard Life’s IGC Statement – two greens and a red!

The Standard Life IGC’s chair report was published on Friday. You can find it here https://www.standardlife.co.uk/c1/independent-governance-committee.page. As a note to Standard Life, it would be good if this report could be given more prominence on your home page, you can … Continue reading

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What’s Standard Aberdeen to the consumer?

Whether the Standard Aberdeen deals goes ahead or not, it’s quite clear that active fund managers are feeling the pinch and that consolidation will follow. Here’s one commentator in the FT summing the deal up.  “The collective headwinds for the … Continue reading

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If past performance doesn’t matter- what does?

Performance measurement is a deeply unpopular science. If there is one phrase that financial services has given to popular parlance it’s that “Past performance is no guide to the future” This worthy sentiment would ring hollow to the person transferring … Continue reading

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“The best way forward or the NEST way forward?”

If you are an employer and you have made a decision, there is no liability—that is clear in the legislation. If you have decided to go with NEST rather than NOW: or People’s, there is no liability that can fall … Continue reading

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Property , liquidity and the merit of doing nothing

News that Standard Life , M&G (the Pru) and Aviva have put up the shutters on their property funds is dominating the headlines. We are used to being able to move our money around the market with “impunity”. I put … Continue reading

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Insurers – VFM and the Competition Commission.

  The FT Adviser magazine has published a short piece leaking a story that has been doing the rounds for a few weeks. It would appear that the insurers who have been subject to the scrutiny of an independent governance … Continue reading

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Wanted for listing – IGC/GAA Chair reports

Pension Plowman’s Directory At this week’s Stewardship meeting of the transparency task force, someone asked if there was a Directory of the IGC’s that have been published so far. There wasn’t until then, but I sent round the links of … Continue reading

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Time-Cost will prevail

That “it’s all about payroll stupid!” has become one of the axioms of auto-enrolment strategy. It’s a truism you hear mouthed by people who sell pensions but I’ve not hear many in payroll return the compliment! “It’s all about pensions” … Continue reading

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Standard Life’s IGC’s annual report; deceptively good!

The Standard Life Independent Governance Committee’s Chair, Rene Poisson, published his first annual report yesterday, you can read it here either in summary or in its full 40 pages. Most will read the summary but for those interested in product … Continue reading

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