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“Fair and True” applies to the DWP too!

Steve Webb has a public policy success on his hands but if he’s to capitalise on the good news from large employers, he’s going to take a few bullets now. Continue reading

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Why target date funds have been slow to catch on

with all the headwinds in the favour of TDFs and against Lifestyle it’s hard to see why insurers aren’t switching to TDFs Continue reading

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Pensions for nothing and advice for free

Insurers will reconsider their options on schemes where commission is paid but no advice is delivered Continue reading

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Does this fit on your smartphone?

For a really well crafted blog , it’s hard to beat this little beauty Benedict Evans explains how in going for separate parts of the market, Apple and Samsung have carved up the global smartphone market and knocking out mighty … Continue reading

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Play up Primark!

What is the connection between Britain’s favourite clothing retailer and the South Coast’s worst managed football club? Step forward Colin Hately, folically¬†challenged supremo of the AB Foods (owner of Primark) pension schemes and Pompey till he dies! Colin looks¬† the … Continue reading

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Ten sexy stats that drive pension firms wild!

But if you think your workforce special, you’ll want to get a whole of market quote. You wouldn’t insure your business assets or your liabilities any other way. Continue reading

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Enough of this silly points-scoring!

We’re all at it and I don’t exclude me. Boys will be boys and give us a Business Development tag on our business cards and we go “all testosterone”. I got dissed last week by one of our rivals who … Continue reading

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Spammed out on linkedin?

This article is about the inane messages we get on LinkedIn, why people send them and why they’re a waste of time There are two types of messages that really frustrate me when they arrive in my LinkedIn inbox. The … Continue reading

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If it’s worth having- let’s have it now!

News travels fast on the web but the news that it’s taken the BBC 5 years to work out that a lot of the technology they’d blown ¬£100m on is available today for free, clearly travelled slowly. If a technology … Continue reading

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Why bloggers won’t replace journalists

She gets the aggregates and cements, mixes the concrete , lays it and sells the building! Continue reading

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