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THE RISE OF THE EMPLOYEE – guest blog from Dan Docherty

    The huge increase in internet and smartphone usage across the country is rapidly changing the way people want to interact with the businesses that employ them. As they grow more accustomed to inputting their personal data online, employees … Continue reading

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Should I give my job to a computer?

This week the BBC has been running a series of programs on artificial intelligence. The first program asked the question HOW SUSCEPTIBLE ARE JOBS TO COMPUTERISATION? and reference was made to a study published here. I’d give it a read if you have a … Continue reading

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Ten reasons for the FinTech revolution

 This blog, provided by Innovate Finance, takes a step back by providing us with an overview of the traditional financial services sector to determine what exactly has prompted its disruption alongside the rise of FinTech. Below are a few key … Continue reading

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Does this fit on your smartphone?

For a really well crafted blog , it’s hard to beat this little beauty Benedict Evans explains how in going for separate parts of the market, Apple and Samsung have carved up the global smartphone market and knocking out mighty … Continue reading

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Reading through the palm of my hand

To suppose that we will be purchasing financial services  in 2014 as we did five years ago or even today could be a mistake. Walk down your high street and the only discretionary businesses are social clubs (coffes shops hairdressers and nail bars) – oh … Continue reading

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Succinct and to the point

“Digital communications” have moved from Silicon Valley into our coat pockets in a decade. Continue reading

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We should be proud to have an opt-out!

An old friend of mine tweets me beginning “I’m a libertarian but…!” The but is an objection to the feckless being able to opt out of their pension plan. Of course she is a fascist though you cannot tell her that any … Continue reading

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