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Equity Release is in its prime – funding retirement many ways.

How pensions are paid from our housing wealth If you get a pension paid by Legal & General, you are probably being paid in monthly charges against other people’s houses. The £400,000, your neighbour borrowed against their £2m property is, … Continue reading

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RPI v CPI – the evidence so far; (Jon&Con)

  This article is from Jon Spain and Con Keating, intellectual powerhouses of this blog. It asks us took again at the relationship between RPI and CPI Financial services professionals commonly state that, over the long term, RPI increases will … Continue reading

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Has lifestyling worked? Who knows?

Who knows! Lifestyling – (sometimes called “life-cycling”) in DC pensions means adjusting the asset allocation of a pension pot to meet changing circumstances as people prepare to crystallise their pension pot(s). A crystallisation is a transaction which sees an encashment … Continue reading

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Nest sees strong saving through the pandemic – why not?

A tricky course to navigate. Whatever is written about pension saving over the past 12 months needs to written in pencil, with the option to rub-out and replace where offence is incurred. That’s because generalizations about people’s capacity to save … Continue reading

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We can’t cancel Christmas when it’s in our hearts!

Saturday 19th December – the low point of the pandemic so far. Trouble had been brewing all week. You sensed that politicians (especially Boris Johnson) were in denial, but the case numbers spoke a different truth, something ugly was happening … Continue reading

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A breakthrough in measuring the quality of DC scheme data.

  One of the critical issues facing Government in establishing a pensions dashboard is “data readiness”. Currently it is in a relatively weak position to argue that schemes are or aren’t dashboard ready, since it has no way either to … Continue reading

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Pension Bee floats for £300m – MPs dither over dashboards

    Two things caught my eye yesterday evening. The first was a comment made in parliament by Nigel Mills MP on protecting people from themselves and denying them access to digital consolidation via a dashboard. Nanny state The Government … Continue reading

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USS; are UCU and UUK missing the big picture?

This is nonsense. If universities can’t pay the required #USS DB contribution, then simply move to DC, which was of course the original plan. Universities backed down in the face of strikes https://t.co/rYtU1azGjM via @timeshighered — John Ralfe (@JohnRalfe1) November … Continue reading

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Global and UK Economic Recovery up to September 2020

  Covid-19.arg Global and UK Economic Recovery up to September 2020 COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group – Learn. Share. Educate. Influence.   Summary There are clear signs of economic recovery in the UK following the lockdown between March and June, as … Continue reading

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TISA’s plans for low paid AE opt outs are a disgrace

About a year ago the Tax Incentivised Savings Association (Tisa) asked its members to vote for a name change to The Investing and Saving Alliance. This meant it kept the Tisa acronym even though the underlying name changed. TISA hopes it … Continue reading

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