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Lock down or look up?

I recently published a blog suggesting that the approach Sweden has taken to managing the pandemic delivers a start warning to Britain.  Today I publish comment on the blog from two people whose views I value. Both see Sweden’s response … Continue reading

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Who’s protecting pensions from the impact of COVID?

This is a very real and important question as the priorities of Government tend to be protect jobs and the businesses that create job over the incomes of those who have left the labor market. The key performance indicators of … Continue reading

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Is the UK institutionally ageist?

This week we hear that numbers in England and Wales dying in care homes is exceeding those in hospital. In March Government told these homes the risk of death in homes was “most unlikely”. How did it come to this? … Continue reading

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People don’t have a “sell by” date

Two articles have been troubling my conscience, the first is by Debora Price  and is featured on this blog. Debora champions the vitality of older people. The second article is by Ros Altmann and is on a similar theme. It … Continue reading

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Ageism is no response to the pandemic

This article is from the pen of my friend Deborah Price  The British Society of Gerontology is the learned society representing gerontologists in the United Kingdom. This is a statement from the President and Members of the National Executive Committee made on … Continue reading

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No more reports – nobody reads!

Baroness Bennett, Stedman-Scott and Altmann – getting things done   Every year occupational pensions schemes are required to publish reports that nobody reads. Clearly this is unsatisfactory and we could go two ways Stop writing the reports (would anyone notice?) … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t pensions “stay at home”?

Should we stop transfers for the next 6 months?   Yields are down, markets are down, has there ever been such a time to transfer your pension rights? That’s what many people may be thinking and if you were a … Continue reading

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Pension Gender Gap; let’s change unfairness – not inequality.

Scottish Widows defines “The gender pension gap” as the difference between the average female and male’s savings for retirement. That’s an insurer’s way of looking at pensions. I suspect that most people at retirement see retirement in terms of savings, … Continue reading

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Time for pensions to act on climate change

The DWP has written a letter to the Pensions Regulator telling it to set out its climate change strategy. The letter is a little awkward as it tries to shoehorn the need for this strategy into TPR’s core objectives.  It’s … Continue reading

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Why a new pensions commission would fail

There’s a call from our current pensions minister to set up another pension commission like we had fifteen years ago.  That commission was a success as it resulted in progressive policies like auto-enrolment and made us sit up and think … Continue reading

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