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Call out the Karma Police – (they’re at it again)

As if the Karma Police weren’t busy enough, we have more work for them! Legal & General, like Hargreaves Lansdown. have found a way to demand money of us to swell their coffers in aid of narrowing the gender pay … Continue reading

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We need courage not legislation – to sort out small pots

    Dress it up as the industry may, the progress report of the Small Pots Working Group is a disappointment. The Group was set up to find a working solution that commanded consensus from the ABI, PLSA and the … Continue reading

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ABI sets out how auto-enrolment can work better for insurers.

    Insurers have long benefited from Government pension policy in building up their funds under management. Lobbying from the ABI has led to the establishment of personal pensions which have been used not just as a means of accumulating … Continue reading

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Pension transfer times are getting longer , how can this (pension) be?

I am a fan of Pension Bee. I visited their new offices in Southwark yesterday, I was shown into the post room, apparently they get a special delivery every day, so much mail needs to be scanned from the pension … Continue reading

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Opperman links launch of 2017 AE reforms to wash-up of small pots

Guy Opperman clearly enjoys twitter, he has mastered the production of a twitter thread (a series of micro-blogs that can develop an argument without fear of interruption). Here is the latest, which while being overly triumphal, contains some strong messages … Continue reading

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Pension trade bodies vie for “tallest dwarf”.

On December 17th, the DWP reported on the findings of its small pots working group, the report was accompanied by press releases from the various participants in a competition to find the tallest dwarf. I am sorry to write ill … Continue reading

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A great report on tax injustice from the ABI at prayer.

It’s a good and timely report and its analysis of inequality is excellent. But it is only addressing a quarter of the Government’s incentives bill and the solution it models is a lot more painful to the mass-affluent than the report implies Continue reading

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Let’s not slide back into the swamp!

After what they must consider a “decent period”, the insurers and the bankers have reappeared from the slimy depths like Grendel out to wreak revenge on consumers protected too long by Europe. The insurance and pensions industry is calling for … Continue reading

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Lord share their data – but not yet!

Augustine’s wayward prayer – “Lord, make me holy – but not yet”, sprung to mind as I sat with the dashboardistas in Parliament yesterday. The Government’s “Pensions Dashboards – working together for the consumer” is a pretty vague document which … Continue reading

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Open pensions – not closed meetings!

  In advance of an expected announcement on the pensions dashboard on Monday, Frank Field has published a letter to Guy Opperman and his Work and Pensions Select Committee and  has published the findings  of a round table with the “pension … Continue reading

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