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Confusing evidence. Aon and Aegon’s bogus trade-offs

Aon has produced a survey of  Aegon customers who are approaching the point they could choose pension over pot by buying into CDC, annuitizing or drawing down from their pot.  The survey is interesting not so much for the results … Continue reading

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Assessment of 2021 IGC reports – a boring read but an important one!

Despite the efforts of the FCA to make IGC reporting more relevant to ordinary savers, I found this crop of IGC reports were bland and unambitious in their reporting of VFM. No IGC suggested that  value for money was not … Continue reading

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The “personalised nudge” – down the slippery slope or a shove towards better pensions?

This week we are hearing a lot about what providers think they should be able to do with their customers to help those customers take better decisions. A pension provider’s view of what’s good for a customer may be skewed … Continue reading

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The 2021 IGC reports – links, reviews and ratings

I’ve completed my review of the 2020 IGCs and GAAs – 15 reviews of the reports I know of. It you run an IGC or GAA that I’ve missed, please send me your report. I doubt many IGCs have met … Continue reading

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Aegon’s IGC report – a good and informative read.

Aegon has published it’s 2020-21 IGC report. In the past, I have been critical of Ian Pittaway’s reports but I sense a shift to a more responsive approach relying more on feedback from employers and consultants. This is reflected in … Continue reading

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Spot on Steven Cameron – VFM needs radical innovation!

I find myself in  agreement with Aegon’s Steven Cameron in his position on the FCA’s value for money proposals as reported in Pension Age Steven Cameron, has highlighted concerns with proposed responsibilities for Independent Governance Committees (IGCs) in the Financial … Continue reading

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Pension Plowman’s guide to 2020 IGC reports

This is a big year for IGCs. It is their fifth birthday, it’s the year when the FCA reviews their effectiveness and it’s the year of the pandemic, where providers and savers will be under maximum strain. Most of the … Continue reading

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Does Aegon’s IGC deliver “what matters most to us”?

Aegon’s IGC Chair Statement has been published , you can read it here Helpfully Ian Pittaway and Helen Parker have a conversation on the IGC’s activities on the video. Unfortunately, video has a habit of turning lawyers into marketing people … Continue reading

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Member support: beyond the trustee’s pay-grade?

Since publishing this article , LGIM has made a statement on the closure of the L&G helplines – you can read the statement here The Pensions Regulator and the FCA have delivered guidance on how those with charge of other … Continue reading

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How do Customers benchmark what’s good about their DC pension?

For employer’s it’s all been about inter-operability I’m returning to a question that has bothered me since the inception of auto-enrolment over six years ago. To begin with, it was a question for employers and could largely be answered in … Continue reading

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