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Aegon stung into action by the Bee!

Let your people go! It looks like Aegon has backed down and agreed to treat its customers wishing to transfer to PensionBee, fairly. This report, based on what appears to be a press release from Aegon, suggests that Aegon will … Continue reading

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Trial by twitter’s fine by me!

An IFA withdraws its transfer service complaining it’s the victim of “trial by twitter”. Accountability is something that falls hard on adviser’s shoulders. Because we are in the business of longer term investment, the outcomes of our advice will typically … Continue reading

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Probably the best watched pension video ever

How did a pension company who nobody’s ever heard of create a pension video that’s had 25,000 views in two days? Here’s how; the company’s Pension Bee, the subject “how to transfer your pension away from Aegon” “It’s your money, … Continue reading

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PensionBee stands up to the bullies at Aegon.

Let my people go This story begins with an interview between Adrian Grace, CEO of Aegon and Professional Adviser. Grace tells Laura Miller “The old world doesn’t work anymore. We believe that by agitating the market, there will be more … Continue reading

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Pot follows member (unless we want to keep it where it is).

  In a statement this week on the sluggish service standards of firms administrating our Defined Contribution occupational pension schemes, the PLSA concluded The median transfer time is 11 days, and although some are much longer1, this is principally due … Continue reading

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Full of sound and fury…Aegon’s 2017 IGC

  I hadn’t been aware that IGCs had been submitting their statements to win awards. But the first think I am taught about Aegon’s activities last year is that in 2016 the Aegon UK IGC was awarded the “Best Independent … Continue reading

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How we sort the master trust problem

  I sat next to someone at a meeting yesterday whose demeanour, ideas and the articulation of those ideas, was so impressive that I was at times scared to open my mouth. I felt in the presence of greatness. I’ve … Continue reading

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Aegon’s ICC – treating the customer seriously.

I like Aegon’s IGC Chair report, delivered by top trustee Ian Pittaway. It’s not easy to find and though the report makes numerous references to its readers being its policyholders, I have no idea how a policyholder would stumble across … Continue reading

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How can this be?

A school friend of mine, came to see me yesterday with some paperwork. He had been reviewing his financial affairs. Like me , he is 53 and had been excited by talk of the new Pension Freedoms. The problem His … Continue reading

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Hats off to all workplace pension providers

  I’ve referred earlier this week to an excellent article by Kim North in Money Marketing in which she points to the ongoing work Scottish Widows have been doing on the participation of women in workplace pensions. In the same … Continue reading

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