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In the Vanguard of the IGCs

This year’s IGC reports have been delayed over an arcane dispute over what constitutes a scheme year (see appendix).  But the good news is the delay will allow for some IGCs to open a debate about what counts for value … Continue reading

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Can we get the IGCs and FCA back on the same track?

  The FCA’s relationship with workplace pension providers for whom they have oversight (e.g. the providers of group personal pensions and group SIPPs) has clearly deteriorated over the past 15 months, as has its relationship with their Independent Governance Committees … Continue reading

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Standard Life’s IGC provides a bit in the middle

Standard Life’s IGC has been very courteous and issued an interim report for those (like me) who read their reports every March/April. This year we will have to wait till July to read the report and I’m particularly interested in … Continue reading

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Pension simplification will bring tears at bed-time.

The illustration is from “Greta and the giants” , an alarming children’s book designed to entertain and inform  from Zoe Tucker (author) and Zoe Persico (illustrator). I say “alarming” because climate change should be giving me tears before bed-time. I … Continue reading

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Some thoughts for IGCs and Providers on investment pathways.

It’s nice to get into conversation with Peter Robertson, who I know as the first man promoting Vanguard in the UK but many know as the doyen of Standard Life International. Peter sent me an article he’s written directed at … Continue reading

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David Butcher – “silver drummer” and man of the hour.

    It is extremely important that we hear more from David Butcher. The good news is that he is now at Scottish Widows and on both its IGC Committee and Master Trust Board. Stephanie Hawthorne has drawn an accurate … Continue reading

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Bench marking will challenge IGCs and raise their game!

This blog is a follow up to my piece which asks whether the FCA has let the IGCs off with impunity. The FCA has chosen not to publicly humiliate failing IGCs but to give them clear guidance for  the future. … Continue reading

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Have IGC’s let savers down with impunity?

When it all began Back in 2015 , when the IGC chairs first met, I wrote a blog critical of IGC Chairs and their advisers who seemed to be publicly questioning the purpose behind Independent Governance Committees. You can read … Continue reading

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For workplace pensions value for money means……..

    One of the questions in the FCA’s consultation on value for money is whether its definition is ok or whether we can find a better one. This is our definition Pension value for money’s measured by the amount … Continue reading

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The FCA’s new approach to Pension Value for Money

The Backstory Back in 2014, with the excoriating OFT report fresh to mind, the FCA made a deal with the insurers not to refer the insurers to the Competition and Markets Authority in return for those insurers operating workplace pensions … Continue reading

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