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Nice perk if you can get it! Pension Exclusion in the UK.

When Guy Opperman became Pensions Minister , he close to have the words ” financial inclusion” inserted into his title, now is the time for him to prove his title’s worth. According to Government statistics, there are 675,000 of us … Continue reading

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Salary Sacrifice – a foot in the door for the poorly pensioned?

Everybody knows that the pension tax-relief system is heavily weighted in favour of the have’s who get big income tax incentives. It is weighted against the low waged who can get excluded from contribution incentives altogether. Steve Webb, who thinks … Continue reading

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What does the national living wage mean to pensions?

It’s here, it’s being earned and it matters! The National Living Wage (let’s call it NLW to spare space) is going to be paid to those over 25 and means a 50p an hour pay rise and It is expected … Continue reading

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Osborne needs a killer rabbit!

There are two ways to get money into a private pension you can pay the money in yourself as a deduction from pay you can have money paid on your behalf by your employer. Of the two, by far the … Continue reading

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What is salary sacrifice and why’s it under threat?

If you read Jo Cumbo’s piece on possible changes to pensions tax relief in the FT yesterday, you’ll have seen references to the abolition of pension salary sacrifice. Pension Salary Sacrifice is quite legal and both the DWP and HMRC … Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment limits – what the DWP aren’t saying!

The DWP’s paper on the Earnings Trigger and Qualifying Earnings Bands(QEB) for auto-enrolment next year is very well written and gives an insight into just how much thought is going into managing the conflicting needs of employers, workers, administrators and…HMRC. … Continue reading

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Is pension salary sacrifice an answer?

After the ruck created by articles in the FT and the Daily Express, I’ve heard several pension experts tell me that if we did not have employer contributions, all the issues around net-pay and relief at source would go away. … Continue reading

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Pension salary sacrifice – how to make friends (and keep the bosses happy)!

Whether you’re an agent or working in-house processing pension payments are or will be part of your payroll duties. But are you doing all you can to make those pension payments as efficient to your employer as they can be? … Continue reading

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5 reasons why payroll must get smarter at pensions.

Recently I was talking with someone who used to be pension manager to one of our large retailers. She wrote to me over the weekend. She’d realised that the people doing payroll for the 1.2m employers still to stage auto-enrolment aren’t … Continue reading

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