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Out from the eye of the storm

Predictably, the PLSA called upon the Bank of England to provide ongoing support for the pension funds which had either directly or through pooled funds, geared up their bond exposure through “borrowing”. “Borrowing” is what the Bank of England thinks … Continue reading

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A different approach to pension scheme solvency and funding.

Solvency and Funding This is the second of our blogs answering questions which arose from our original essay written in response to the proposed DB Funding Code. It covers issues of solvency and funding. Solvency estimation involves the comparison of … Continue reading

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DWP’s blooper – find, forgive and forget.

As Twitterstorms go – it wasn’t in the Dennis or Ciara category, but this video put out by the DWP has got some notable tongues wagging I wouldn’t expect much nuance in a video for Twitter, but “your funds grow … Continue reading

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AE Pots must follow workers (Hargreaves Lansdown’s right)

I have just read a policy paper in my hand from Hargreaves Lansdown;  “Putting Individuals at the Heart of the Pension System”. After some pretty dire submissions to the Work and Pensions Committee on CDC, I hadn’t thought to agree with … Continue reading

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Con Keating on the real cost of pension transfers

  Imagine buying a bond at par, say a ten-year, ten-percent coupon issue; then let five years pass, when market interest rates decline to one percent. At this time, the bond is trading in the market at £143.68 percent. Now, … Continue reading

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Is automatic-enrolment about to become a pension issue?!

Business software is not glamorous; writing about the goings on of the annual BASDA conference was going to be a challenge, especially with a sexy pension dashboard conference happening concurrently. So I’m pleased to bring a good news story to your … Continue reading

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5 reasons why payroll must get smarter at pensions.

Recently I was talking with someone who used to be pension manager to one of our large retailers. She wrote to me over the weekend. She’d realised that the people doing payroll for the 1.2m employers still to stage auto-enrolment aren’t … Continue reading

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