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BSPS – a big win – but at what cost?

  It now seems quite certain that the New British Steel Pension Scheme will happen and that it will be populated by the majority of members of the current British Steel Pension Scheme. In announcing the results of “Time to … Continue reading

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Some commercial considerations for CDC

So who’s going to “sell” CDC? What an odd question! I can see the friends of CDC choking over their cornflakes at my asking this question. In the gentile world of policy- it is rarely done to use the “s” word! … Continue reading

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Big pension decisions need grounding.

    I am getting worried by the return of the word “systemic”.  It pops up in Andrew Warwick-Thompson’s (otherwise) excellent article “a misunderstood shift” and it’s behind calls from those who know better to “just ban transfers”. It would … Continue reading

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Resisting the irresistible; how do you stop pension transfers?

In my inbox is a powerful statement from a steel-worker in Port Talbot who has suggestions about how transfers from defined benefit schemes are conducted. It asks a fundamental question, if we are seeing such a number of such transfers, … Continue reading

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Five Christmas Crackers from the Pension PlayPen!

Merry Christmas readers. I bring you news!     Nightmare. I was dreading this happening. Happy Christmas, everyone. pic.twitter.com/M2nqF6Epca — Al Rush (@RAF_IFA) December 24, 2017 Plan B Here are five Christmas Crackers to discuss round the tree while you’re waiting … Continue reading

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Fairy tale of Taibach

T’was Christmas Evening , in Port Talbot An old prop said to me, “here’s my CETV” And so he sat me down, “a Brains for me and you?” He could see a better world, where all his dreams came true   … Continue reading

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Steelworkers – what to do now!

  Here is my advice – don’t worry – people are looking out for you. If you have sent your options form and have not heard back, do not worry. There is no need to panic, don’t send more option … Continue reading

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TATA GPP – an investable option for BSPS members with a CETV.

I’ve received the following note from Aviva with regards the TATA group personal pension which has replaced BSPS as the corporately sponsored pension arrangement going forward. Thanks for your note below re the query you have received from a BSPS … Continue reading

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Following the money away

  There is a simple rule in investment matters, “if you can’t understand it, don’t invest in it”. Which is why the FCA stop people with limited investment understanding investing in compex financial products . It is why transparency matters, … Continue reading

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Why I lost my temper (over transfers).

I can lose my temper, I am always sorry when I do, but learning why I do, helps me understand my vulnerabilities. I lost my temper at a TISA “deep-dive” into decumulation. I’d listened to a session from the FCA at which I’d queried … Continue reading

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