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Martin Lewis – if ever we needed an adviser

We watched the Martin Lewis 90 minute pension special again last night – not to pick holes in it but to pick up tips, especially around the sections on the state pension and benefits. We have friends and family who … Continue reading

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American reforms aimed at the up and coming retirement saver

Before we beat ourselves up about our pension saving system, take a look at what is happening on the other side of the pond. The American system works for those who work long and hard and who have healthcare, it … Continue reading

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The fall-out from LDI will dominate DB pensions in 2023

  The FT has published a piece this morning suggesting a “blame game” between consultants and the providers of LDI solutions. Was it the providers or the advice given by investment consultants  on implementation and management of leveraged LDI strategies … Continue reading

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Stefan Lundberg on the Pensions Dashboard

Over Christmas, I have been running a series of blogs I’ve selected from my linked in feed as examples of “good thinking”, they’ve all been from Stefan Lundbergh, who is a good thinker. But sometimes, good thinkers can think themselves … Continue reading

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An employer with a small DB scheme gives its evidence to the WPC

Founded 50 years ago, Dixon International Ltd is an award-winning innovator and manufacturer of specialised construction products. It was the first to develop aluminium and elastomeric draught seals for doors & windows in the early sixties. It was the first … Continue reading

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Pensions and personal poverty; action needed now.

Let’s think about the question in this headline and the date it was asked. On the date of publication Savers and those spending their retirement savings were facing a hike in fuel bills and inflation reckoned by PWC to be … Continue reading

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“Consumers aren’t fools” – dashboards and vaccines

“Consumers aren’t fools,” – Romi Savova (Pension Bee ) Reading the responses to the Pension Dashboard Programme’s consultation on the data standards employed to give us a view of our pensions, you might think otherwise. People are so dumb… Whilst … Continue reading

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Why Steelworkers should question this pension buy-out.

  News that Pension Insurance Corporation (PIC) has rescued those former members of the British Steel Pension Scheme who are currently in the PPF assessment period has been widely promoted by PIC’s financial PRs and got some  favourable coverage in … Continue reading

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Aussies put pensions to the test (could Britain follow?)

With characteristic bluntness, the Australian Government has decided that if a pension fund is not delivering to its users, it will be starved of new savers until it does. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will develop systems that will enable … Continue reading

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Why the net pay problem cannot be fixed by partial fixes

This article forms part of AgeWage’s response to the Government’s call for evidence on the administration of pensions tax-relief . Here we look at the steps pension provider can and are taking to make consumers aware of the problems of … Continue reading

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