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MUCcy business from payroll scammers

  File on Four appear to have discovered a serious payroll fraud on Government (eg our) revenues. This will be played out on Tuesday evening at 8pm. From the bones of the story, available here, Anna Meisel and Angus Crawford … Continue reading

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The last day of winter

Snow may be forecast for March , but I’m treating today as the last day of winter and preparing for spring. Meteorological Winter is determined by the annual temperature cycles and the Gregorian calendar. Meteorological winter starts December 1st in the … Continue reading

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A year of staying safe – statistics show how we survived 2020 (and will 2021)

The latest statistics from the CMI show that were it not for COVID – 2020 would have been the year of “staying alive” The CMI judge that we have now surpassed 100,000 excess deaths in the pandemic. Their quote explains … Continue reading

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Government says “NO” to pension reform at the NHS.

“No” is a very short word. The Government has decided to say “no” to calls for further reform of the Annual and Lifetime Allowance as they impact the NHS pension scheme. “No” is a short word but this is a … Continue reading

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The NHS is at peak capacity – read the data on ICUs and staffing

This excellent thread is required reading, read to the tenth and final tweet to understand the threat to the NHS and patients, from misinformation. Sitrep: situation report. This is what we call our daily briefings right now. Here’s mine. We … Continue reading

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I’ve tested positive but feel fine

I got my positive test after I went to bed and I am now getting a stream of SMS and emails telling me to stay put. It’s a surprise as it’s been three days since I did my test and … Continue reading

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What it’s like to be in hospital right now.

From Sunday to Tuesday this week , I was in the Cancer Center adjacent to Guys Hospital having work on my bowels under general anesthetic. My surgery was “elective” rather than “emergency”. I had had emergency surgery for the problem … Continue reading

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A clap (not a slap) for the NHS

  At 5pm yesterday I was clapping the NHS in hospital , shortly having received keyhole surgery. I have had good grounds for thanking the NHS over the past twelve months. As I  lay in bed last night I could … Continue reading

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Eu-clidding us? Mathematical BS from BJ

Boris Johnson is a classicist, but he’s not a mathematician. When Boris’ spin doctors decided to formulate the Covid-19 risk rate – this is what they came up with. To the delight of genuine mathematicians who were able to display … Continue reading

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Why we’ve failed to build a national care service

Sage seem to consider the major problem in care homes the impact it is having on the R number. At least that is how it is being reported. Sage member Professor John  Edmunds told the FT Covid-19 infections in hospitals … Continue reading

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