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Why insurance isn’t always right.

This is an article in preparation for publication; thoughts on it, especially from insurers would be very welcome. In it, I argue that insured solutions are not always right for us – in our retirement savings and that insurance companies … Continue reading

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“The Ship has sailed” – Con Keating on the Society of Pension Professionals CDC submission

On Saturday, on Radio 4’s Money Box programme, Hugh Nolan of the Society of Pension Professionals expressed the view that the “ship had sailed” for CDC pensions, and proceeded into the tired and repetitive narrative that it is too late … Continue reading

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I still want to be paid when I retire!

  Have you been watching the DWP’s recent television articles – the ones that ask you to get to know your workplace pension? I want to know what bit of my workplace pension is the “pension”! The dictionary describes a … Continue reading

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“CDC’s about improving DC” – Con Keating

This essay compliments my blog this morning.  Con Keating is the author of this blog – our thinking is coincidental, though our manner of expressing it – is not!   In all of the discussions of the minutiae of the … Continue reading

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Time for a DC upgrade?

I was wading through yet another long and technical explanation of CDC  when I got my Eureka moment! I don’t want a CDC plan, I want a DC upgrade! I’m not dissing legal eagle Sandeep Maudgil (who’s soon to appear … Continue reading

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Are you feeling DC sick?

Joy for DB is pain for DC!   I am sure I am painting too simple a picture and that I’ll be whacked over the head by my learned colleagues, but the general jubilation breaking out over UK pension scheme … Continue reading

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BSPS – with the benefit of hindsight.

“I wonder how many of the financial advisors who recommended transfers out , predicted a 10% drop in the stock market in one week? Not many is my bet.” This is a post on the main British Steel Pensioners Facebook … Continue reading

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“No need for CDC to ape the Dutch” – quips Con Keating.

This is a review of: The Legal Differences between CIDC and CDC by Prof. dr. Hans van Meerten and Elmar Schmidt, February 2018. It takes the form of a line by line commentary (in red) on the verbatim text of … Continue reading

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Can strikes now prevent the imposition of detrimental changes on USS? – Mike Otsuka

The regrettable answer is that they almost certainly cannot Please click here — “A mandate ‘to retain a decent, guaranteed pension’” — for an important update to the post below. This UCU mandate supersedes the Manchester resolution discussed below (Mike Otsuka)   At a … Continue reading

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A shot in the arm for pension payroll?

I write a regular column for Reward Strategy, formerly Payroll World. This is the last column I wrote for Jerome Small, who has been editor for a few years but is leaving to go freelance. The people who pay us … Continue reading

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