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Can we repurpose the employer covenant adviser?

Not so long ago, any pensions award ceremony had a category to “recognise” the employer covenant adviser whose job it was to tell the trustees the likelihood of an employer going bust. The Pensions Regulator went through a phase when  … Continue reading

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Why the new CDC consultation is a non-starter

  The problem for the CDC consultation is clear before we open its foreword. We hear who the consultation is designed for pension scheme trustees and managers, particularly those from DC Master Trust schemes pension scheme service providers, other industry bodies and … Continue reading

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Is the DB funding code any good? Ask sponsoring employers.

  It’s been a tough week for the Pensions Regulator. They came off second best at the WPF, both to the line of questioning from Stephen Timms, Nigel Mills and others, but also to the FCA who were able to … Continue reading

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Opperman – CDC makes pensions “more sustainable for employers”

Guy Opperman signs off his end of year vale dictum like this Finally, we’ve made significant strides in terms of introducing collective defined contribution schemes. We’ve outlined a legislative framework for them, which spreads the investment risk, allowing for greater … Continue reading

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The FCA’s new approach to Pension Value for Money

The Backstory Back in 2014, with the excoriating OFT report fresh to mind, the FCA made a deal with the insurers not to refer the insurers to the Competition and Markets Authority in return for those insurers operating workplace pensions … Continue reading

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Time for some fresh thinking on CDC

  The Pension Schemes Bill is making its way through the House of Lords but now seems unlikely to get Royal Assent before July. If it misses its target and we don’t get an Act till the Autumn, a Royal … Continue reading

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Defining the benefit of CDC – Con Keating on “CDB”.

The pension experts have great fun rubbishing Frank Field’s inquiry into CDC. Here’s why Frank says he’s doing it. “What the select committee is aiming for is to retain some of the best features of company schemes in a different age when employers … Continue reading

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Do employers have a duty of care when choosing pensions?

The shadow pension secretary Alex Cunningham has tabled an amendment to the Pension Schemes Bill which could clarify whether an employer has a duty of care in choosing a workplace pension for its staff. There are currently over 80 class … Continue reading

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Want to know about investment risk? Quietroom’s “difficult second video”!

The good people at Quietroom have come up with another classic. I have to admit to having a bit part – I was the idiot who they asked to edit their script – as if! I think it is a … Continue reading

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Re-engaging employers with their staff pensions

Once it was so simple. Good employers offered good pensions and lousy employers didn’t. The good employers congregated at NAPF conferences and congratulated themselves and an industry fed on the easy money growing within these plans. But then came lower … Continue reading

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