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Will DC savers ever get pensions?

I am going to an event this afternoon organised by the Royal Society of the Arts (RSA) and hosted by a famous city law firm. Our agenda is how we move risk sharing on from the one (almost)  achieved example, … Continue reading

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“Delivering the full benefits of CDC” means building to last.

It was interesting being on the Royal Society of the Arts CDC call with the Pensions  Minister and a large number of actuaries, lawyers and the RSA team of David Pitt-Watson and Hari Mann. The DWP put out a press … Continue reading

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Fair’s fair, will employers share their good news on DB with staff?

There’s more to this question than meets the eye. DB in run-off is likely to become less expensive to sponsors as inflation and interest rates increase. This should feed through to lower funding which might feed through into more equitable … Continue reading

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Is TPR setting too high a bar for CDC?

If you’re thinking of running a CDC scheme, make sure you have deep pockets. The application price alone is an eye-watering £77,000. This compares with £23,000 to apply for master trust authorisation. No one will make an application without being  … Continue reading

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Eri-tation ; time to come clean on DC pensions.

Eritability Of all the time wasted talking about pension dashboards, the time wasted on “estimated retirement income” irks me most. It is not the sight of actuaries arguing over annuity and growth rates that irks me , it’s that the … Continue reading

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USS heading for the buffers – strikes seem inevitable – why?

News that University employers have agreed a deal with the University Superannuation Scheme that will leave members with substantial cuts in benefits , has not gone down well. Another wave of strikes beckons , deepening the plight of students who … Continue reading

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Lecture: ‘Can CDC turn base metal into pensions gold?’ by John Ralfe

That friend to financial economics and foe to open pension schemes, John Ralfe, is delivering a public lecture on CDC on February 23rd. Register here for my @ImperialBiz on-line lecture. https://t.co/d23ex5RlH9 What does CDC “inter-generational risk sharing” really mean? How … Continue reading

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Opperman – CDC makes pensions “more sustainable for employers”

Guy Opperman signs off his end of year vale dictum like this Finally, we’ve made significant strides in terms of introducing collective defined contribution schemes. We’ve outlined a legislative framework for them, which spreads the investment risk, allowing for greater … Continue reading

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Now more than ever , Royal Mail’s CDC scheme looks a game changer

I was lucky to be among the participants in yesterday’s Westminster Business Forum and hear Jon Millidge and Terry Pullinger talk with pride of the CDC scheme they expect to launch for over 140,000 postal workers. At a time of … Continue reading

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CDC – a new type of pension provision coming to the UK

On Wednesday (October 8th),  CDC will be debated in the house of commons and with a fair wind, legislation enabling employers and multi-employer master trusts to provide DB like benefits for defined contributions will be enacted  by the end of … Continue reading

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