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Whitbread – treat your baristas fairly.

If Whitbread don’t sort things for their low-paid pension savers, the Pensions Regulator should consider blocking the Coke deal Continue reading

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Are SIPPs just too complicated?

  News yesterday  that complaints about SIPPs (Self Invested Personal Pensions) are now upheld by the pension ombudsman more than any other financial product. The number of new complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service concerning Sipps has nearly doubled in … Continue reading

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Who cares? And how do we pay them?

News that the Government is mulling a new Care ISA – to be funded from retirement savings will be greeted with joy within the bubble and indifference from the vase majority of people who do not plan for the consequences … Continue reading

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Let’s make “Legacy” a thing of the past.

It’s hard not to feel a twinge of sympathy for Richard Smith. Concur with that. Those working with the 6% don’t. Comments on my document haven’t gone down that well – then again, I wasn’t really expecting it to be … Continue reading

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Houses are for living in – pensions are for life! An answer to financial economics.

“the river of private pensions in the UK will only get shallower as it widens out to include so many more of us”  – Steve Bee Steve’s metaphor is so precise, so visual and so elegantly conveyed that this quote … Continue reading

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The “wonder” of wealth

As Dr Chris Sier entered the Corinthia Hotel on Wednesday, en route to a cup of tea with the AgeWage management team, he noticed a gentleman handing over his Bentley keys  to the doorman, with a fifty pound note as a tip . … Continue reading

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Bill Galvin – on accountability at #USS

If Jo Cumbo hadn’t mentioned it I’d have missed it. Bill Galvin- erstwhile CEO of the Pensions Regulator and now boss of the University Superannuation Scheme wrote a thought piece on the USS blog – it’s here. It’s a meditation … Continue reading

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Don’t let the bullies grind you down

Talks between the Friends of CDC and the Financial Scientologists broke down last night in merriment. Actually, you are just flat out wrong. But you have a good sense of humor about it. — Jeffrey Brown (@IlliniBizDean) July 21, 2018 There … Continue reading

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Isn’t the “dashboard” already obsolete?

If you follow pension news stories, you’ll know that the Work and Pensions Secretary has been anything but enthusiastic about her department’s commitment to produce a pension dashboard by 2019. The Government first proposed it could it help in 2016 … Continue reading

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I’m busy making sure I stay alive!

Stella and I were listening to the conversation between two couples while at dinner on the train last night. The younger couple were conventionally married and in their fifties, the couple opposite were a mother and daughter , the daughter … Continue reading

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