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“What do people want?” – a question for IGCs

  The saddest statement I heard last year was from an adviser who told a room “we have given up reporting on outcomes, outcomes always disappoint”. It is not just IFA’s who don’t like to report on the outcomes of … Continue reading

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What is MAPS actually going to do over the next 10 years?

I haven’t got a lot to say about MAPS’ UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing – published yesterday.  Having read it , I’m not sure how it is going to help me as a person, business owner as part of British … Continue reading

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Dip into your pension at 55 and you could be “pension non grata”.

Most people know they can draw the money in their pension pot from 55, and because they can – they do. Very few sustainable drawdown plans are established by people in their fifties and very few annuities. 55% of annuities … Continue reading

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Ros is right – birthday card’s get read – and so does she.

Plenty of us have been thinking about how to make that annual statement that we get about our pensions stick in our minds, so that we understand what we have. One person speaks to and for the nation on pensions … Continue reading

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12/12/19 #OKboomer v #snowflakegeneration

The most coherent research I have seen coming out of the voting patterns of last Thursday is this. While support for Liberals is consistent over ages, the vote for the binary propositions of conservative and labour governments is highly dependent … Continue reading

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Can we really afford to retire?

That’s the question Michael Buerk has been asking those tuning into the second episode of Channel 5’s documentary on our retirement planning. 1.5m of us are working beyond the retirement age with 90% reliant on state benefits alone. One in … Continue reading

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Are “Do it for me” pensions on the way?

When asked explicitly for their preference on what kind of support they would like their provider to have in place, the vast majority, 78%, wanted some sort of help from their provider to make their decisions; just 22% were confident … Continue reading

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“Evolution not revolution” as important for what it omits as what it says.

My view when I started this morning’s blog #Poole #Dorset #NovemberToMember pic.twitter.com/wpLW4EIcjy — Pension Plowman (@henryhtapper) November 16, 2019  I finished reading “Evolution not revolution – five years of freedom” sensing something had been missing. That something has just come … Continue reading

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Sailing the strait of Hormuz

While most readers were doing “proper subjects” like maths, I studied English for A level and studied the conceits of metaphysical poets. A conceit is an extended metaphor and tests how far an idea can be taken. Here’s a conceit. … Continue reading

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Those dreaded words “you’re doing ok”.

Nobody wants to do ok, we want to be seen as doing brilliantly. There is a relentless optimism in our salutations which makes that normal state of affairs, mundane , dull – even depressing. So how do I tell a … Continue reading

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