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An heroic failure? – #Airlander is winning the heart of the nation!

Martha Gwyn or the “flying bum” came a cropper on landing after her 100 minute test flight yesterday My partner and I (who are lovers of pass the pigs) wonder whether this is a snouter or a leaning jowler. Either … Continue reading

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If I were Steve Webb..

tomorrow I must pretend to be Steve Webb and speak to an NAPF group as if I were him Continue reading

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Making hard easy.

In a complicated world, we look for simple ideas that make hard easy. Continue reading

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Steve Webb’s good week

Now anyone who can talk of a “regulatory regime which allows 1000 flowers to bloom” has got to have been taking the happy pills. Continue reading

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Yes pensions minister

What was Steve Webb doing last week in launching aspirational pensions? Apparently, senior strategists within the DWP were as nonplussed as the majority of his audience as Steve called for a return to the pensions culture that fostered the defined benefit … Continue reading

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Sexy cash for pensions – Politician nearly loses his patience

No matter how blameless Stevie may be, he’s only as good as his team. He protests that the DWP and the Treasury are the best of mates; the malpractice exposed like Alan Higham smacks of the DWP getting a little too close to the “dark side”. Continue reading

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