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Not drinking the Kool-Aid – The Virgin Money Stakeholder IGC

Remember Stakeholder Pensions? Virgin Money do! In fact Virgin were one of the great enthusiasts for Stakeholder Pensions, sadly their ambitions were never quite realised commercially but it’s good to see that Virgin continue to treat their Stakeholders fairly and … Continue reading

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Making hard easy.

In a complicated world, we look for simple ideas that make hard easy. Continue reading

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“I cannot advise you on that Sir”

Here is a salutary tale for our times. Not a tragic tale – no disaster resulted – but a sad tale that demonstrates what happens when staff become scared to help customers. Anyone who has travelled on an “advanced” train ticket knows that … Continue reading

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10 infrastucture opportunities pension funds cannot ignore!

The Government has announced that it wants UK pension funds to invest in UK infrastructure. This week we saw a slice of Thames Water purchased by the Chinese. I live on the Thames and as dawn rises this morning I’m on “Junk Alert” on “the partially yellow river”. Continue reading

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