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Would our Government bail out the depositors of a badly run bank?

Behind the phrase “moral hazard” which is being heavily used in relation to the Fed and SVB, is the question posed by the title of this blog. Full on capitalism allows poorly run banks to fail and tells depositors it … Continue reading

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Is the game up for active fund management?

The Department for Communities and Local Government announced yesterday that £85bn of actively managed assets could be transferred to passive management and that the fund of fund structures could be collapsed into a collective investment vehicles. This is very significant … Continue reading

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In a muddle about investment management fees

It is a truth , universally acknowledged, that the more money you make, the less inclined you are to tell people how you made it. Continue reading

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All that glitters does not lure – thoughts on DC default funds.

“I asked him, ‘My God, they’re purple and green. Do fish really take these lures?’And he said, ‘Mister, I don’t sell to fish.’ Continue reading

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Can a hedge fund make your money prosper?

  Here is a question asked to members of  our Pension Play Pen by Alan Miller. It’s a long question so I’ve broken it down a bit- my answers at the bottom! When you consider predictions (eg LBS’s Dimson & Marsh) … Continue reading

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How was the Plowman’s vision? – 2012 #pensions predictions revisited

Here were our pension predictions from a year ago (you can read the full blog from December 2011- here) Artificially depressed interest rates drive up DB deficits and depress annuities but the pressure on life companies and pension schemes to adopt … Continue reading

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“These charges are no more- they have ceased to be”

      Tell me about your Charges Sir Can’t do that …they’re hiddeen Tell me about your hidden charges then Don’t know what you’re talking about Sir.   Much of the problem rests with the word “discretionary”. If you … Continue reading

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What do Jimmy Carr, the FTT and the film industry have in common?

Simples- they are today’s top stories and they’re all about personal greed. This article condemns that greed and suggests that people can have fun without ripping off others. Jimmy Carr has been caught using K2 – a Jersey loan back arrangement that left … Continue reading

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Cheltenham Day 3

  Thanks to the mathematicians who have been keeping a running tally on the investment value of my tips. Apparently I am generating a 39% Return on Investment which puts me among Britain’s top Hedge Fund Managers. You have been charged £1000 for reading … Continue reading

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10 infrastucture opportunities pension funds cannot ignore!

The Government has announced that it wants UK pension funds to invest in UK infrastructure. This week we saw a slice of Thames Water purchased by the Chinese. I live on the Thames and as dawn rises this morning I’m on “Junk Alert” on “the partially yellow river”. Continue reading

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