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In a muddle about investment management fees

It is a truth , universally acknowledged, that the more money you make, the less inclined you are to tell people how you made it. Continue reading

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Why target date funds have been slow to catch on

with all the headwinds in the favour of TDFs and against Lifestyle it’s hard to see why insurers aren’t switching to TDFs Continue reading

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The true and fair way to “cost” your investments

This machine will increase competition, drive out inefficiencies and increase respect for managers (with an eye to costs ) Continue reading

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An encouraging tale of choice

I feel more enthusiastic about the investment section of the about to be launched http://www.pensionplaypen.com than any other. Continue reading

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All that glitters does not lure – thoughts on DC default funds.

“I asked him, ‘My God, they’re purple and green. Do fish really take these lures?’And he said, ‘Mister, I don’t sell to fish.’ Continue reading

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PlayPen votes for target date funds in action-packed lunch

In one of the noisiest and most passionate lunches we’ve ever had the playpen voted 15-7-3 for TDFs vLifestyle with 3 spoilt votes from the “we don’t do default” gang. This was a lunch where we were pretty well split between … Continue reading

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Chimp or chump? Fund Managers: Really, Really Bad at What They Do

For some years, First Actuarial have been running a “Monkey League” which pits the wits of 150 top brains against 1000 monkeys; the task, to pick two teams to do well and two to do badly in each of the four football … Continue reading

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“Three into two won’t go”- NO EXIT at Playpen lunch!

Three into two won’t go – but I can say this was the hardest but most rewarding meeting I have yet chaired Continue reading

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Better ways to diversify the default.

When people see the jigsaw being put together , we may even get better public confidence in workplace pension schemes – something devoutly to be hoped for! Continue reading

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Poor execution – a pigsty – not a playpen

A researcher I was speaking to yesterday asked whether I considered the bad practices associated with the poor execution of trades by fund managers as criminal fraud. His argument was that indirect benefits such as the receiving of rugby tickets from … Continue reading

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