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Where Terry Smith leads, others should follow.

Here is a notice posted on the London Stock Exchange. It should be read by all fund managers regardless of whether their fund is currently assessed as adding value – or not. I’d draw their attention to Terry Smith’s comment … Continue reading

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“Is the fund industry morally bankrupt?”

It is 80 years since the United States set down the Investment Act that established four principles on which fund governance sits. Fund governance refers to a system of checks and balances and work performed by the governing body (board) of … Continue reading

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Fund managers -Norma Cohen is still watching!

  The great British financial journalist Norma Cohen rarely publishes in the FT these days, when she does, it is to great effect. This week she published a quiet and thoughtful piece on the impact MIFID II is having on … Continue reading

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Ignore “bad “; let’s big-up good asset management!

The asset management industry will get nowhere trying to defend bad practices. It should be celebrating its success stories. We have good active managers in this country and we have good passive managers, protecting bad practice among bad asset managers … Continue reading

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Activism over activity – we want effective asset management.

Reading the FCA’s Asset Management Market Study, you’d be tempted to give up on active asset management (to be frank you might to give up on investment funds altogether). Daniel Godfrey has a piece in the FT claiming that the … Continue reading

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A man on a mission – a man with a vision

Nigel Wilson is becoming a hero of mine. The CEO of Legal &General was on Wake up to Money this morning (24th Feb) and I’m about to  download the podcast to listen to him again. I like the man’s common sense … Continue reading

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Insurrection and resurrection! A sideways glance at pension titillation.

Thanks to Martin Baker – fellow Yeovil Town enthusiast for this nice juxtaposition. The Lord Giveth-and the Lord Taketh Away -these articles appeared within four days of each other. Perhaps Express newspapers worked out that putting “Pension ” on the front … Continue reading

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The true and fair way to “cost” your investments

This machine will increase competition, drive out inefficiencies and increase respect for managers (with an eye to costs ) Continue reading

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Should we measure pension fees as “risk”?

This is simple measure which makes such fundamental sense that any fool can grasp it. Continue reading

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DC Trustees – asleep at the wheel?

I was spending insomniac hours reading posts about savings on http://www.moneysavingexpert.com when I came upon a thread about the ABI 14 agreeing to disclose transactional costs from next summer. There wasn’t much on the comments board – one post stood out. … Continue reading

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