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The USS valuation and a way forward

The controversy over the University Superannuation Scheme’s current valuation sums up all that’s gone wrong with defined benefit pension schemes. Let’s start with the view of John Kay, one of Britain’s most respected and outspoken economists. John Kay, one of … Continue reading

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Association is not causation – leave the clots to it!

While several European countries pause their vaccine rollout to look into blood clots, this would seem an ideal time to clear up once and for all whether the vaccine is causing pregnancies, sunburn, and taking up smoking! https://t.co/sXoY4li9MS — stuart … Continue reading

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The public debate on USS is elevated by King and Kay.

Exclamation: Master @JohnRalfe1! Mervyn King has now joined UCU and is spouting what you call “#USS #smokescreen and pure #UCU #bollocks“! Calling Bazooka @mikeotsuka and Plowman @henryhtapper https://t.co/OFuewk3ER7 — John Ralfebot (@Ralfebot) September 6, 2018 One of the joys of … Continue reading

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Is fund management over-rated?

We’ve got used to thinking of fund managers as the kings of the lot. They are at the top of food chain in terms of pay and the respect offered them by the rest of the financial community. So the … Continue reading

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John Kay – practical solutions to the FCA’s problems – please!

Passive management must be valued In a lukewarm response to the FCA’s Asset Management Market study, John Kaye comments.  Greater transparency of charges will do little harm, but will also make little difference. Those customers who do focus on price … Continue reading

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A man on a mission – a man with a vision

Nigel Wilson is becoming a hero of mine. The CEO of Legal &General was on Wake up to Money this morning (24th Feb) and I’m about to  download the podcast to listen to him again. I like the man’s common sense … Continue reading

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“Search and Stewardship” – all that we want from asset managers

  I spent yesterday morning listening to John Kay talk about the ideas behind his new book “Other people’s Money”. The big idea is that the UK asset management industry spends too much time talking to itself and not enough … Continue reading

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Can we afford financial services in times of austerity?

  Thomas Philippon , the celebrated economist, gave a lecture on Tuesday Morning as part of London University’s Leading Minds series. The gist of his talk is that the cost of financial services (the collective name for everyone who is an … Continue reading

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John Kay has not left the room.

I had read Professor John Kay‘s Review of UK Equity markets and long-term decision making but it wasn’t till I heard him speak yesterday that I “got it”. Kay’s concern for the state of the UK financial services market goes much … Continue reading

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This is the question we’ll be debating at today’s pension play pen lunch. I’m a little daunted . I’ve read Professor John Kay‘s excellent paper about how equities work, should work and why they could work better. He’s in the middle … Continue reading

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