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How to get out of auto-enrolment (without a penalty notice)

    As everyone knows – I am a fan of auto-enrolment and have made my living through http://www.pensionplaypen.com helping employers engage with workplace pensions and encouraging compliance. The rest of my blog is not an encouragement to small businesspeople … Continue reading

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Pension Policy Institute – the NEW pensions landscape

Back in 2003 when the Pension Policy Institute was born, it produced a report on the pension state of the nation . PPI now means a bung from a bank and any google search for it’s likely to compromise your … Continue reading

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Con Keating – Damage control

This blog is by Con Keating; Con Keating is head of research at Brighton Rock Group and a member of the steering committee of the financial econometrics research centre at the University of Warwick One of the favourite narratives of … Continue reading

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Why a 12% pension saving rate is wrong.

      I had hoped to talk yesterday with and  today about Lord Turner and the meeting of minds at the Pension and Lifetime Savings Association. The change of title a year ago had, I hoped , heralded a more open … Continue reading

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“Brexit penalties” and the price of freedom.

What kind of a club charges you £59bn to leave it? If the EU was a pension plan, we’d be screaming about exit penalties. But I suspect we are talking up the cost to highlight the brilliant negotiating tactics of … Continue reading

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#AMNTConf2016 vAAMConf – substance and swank!

Yesterday, I flitted between Aberdeen’s swanky conference at the Bankers Hall in the City and the less swanky Association of Member Nominated Trustee’s conference at Holborn. Aberdeen’s afforded me plenty of insights and I’m grateful for the magnificent show they put … Continue reading

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We’ve gotta horse!

    The Pension PlayPen is putting together a band of brothers/sisters to buy one and a half legs of a young German racehorse. The horse is called Moonlight Camp which should satisfy on a number of diversity grounds. But … Continue reading

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Why there is no “opt-out” for the self-employed.

  I get annoyed when I hear pension experts opine on including the self-employed in auto-enrolment (1). I don’t see much self-employment on their CVs, I certainly don’t see many of them being self-employed out of necessity. But most of … Continue reading

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“Nothing” is very much wrong with defined benefit pension schemes.

This week I was asked this question by a civil servant (not directly involved with pensions). Ignorant question: What in regulation or law would prevent a DB pension scheme being valued based on the actual assets as opposed to the … Continue reading

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“Not so fast!” – the @Aviva #AE conference needs to listen to those not in the room

I spent yesterday morning with Aviva at their future of Auto-Enrolment event in the City. Here’s Aviva’s 10 point wish-list for Auto-Enrolment. ADEQUACY: 1. Phase towards 12.5% contributions by 2028 2. Adopt a flat rate of tax relief – save … Continue reading

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