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Consultations diminish confidence in CDC

This is the first of series of blogs which will consider the CDC consultation currently under way. The author is Con Keating who’s confidence in CDC succeeding appears to have diminished  as a result of tPR’s consultation into its CDC … Continue reading

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CDC – time to ask the audience?

  When you bring a new product to market, you first test whether there is a gap into which it can fit. If nothing else, the FCA’s Retirement Income Study is showing that there is space in the market for … Continue reading

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Five signs you’re avoiding your retirement.

I woke up this morning to this comment on a recent blog from Peter Wilson I’m “at that age” (58) where I’m on the cusp of putting my pot(s) into drawdown and quitting the labour market. Why? To a large … Continue reading

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What is pension policy for?

Social media affords some amazing insights – this from an anonymised twitter follower making use of direct messaging. I am fed up that pensions policy is being driven by people whose knowledge and experience and especially way of thinking is … Continue reading

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How do we create a CDC the general public can trust?

CDC needs clearly valued property rights for it to be trusted Too much of the debate on CDC has focussed on theoretical constructs where the scheme looks and feels like a replacement for an employer sponsored DC or DB scheme. … Continue reading

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The use and abuse of pension’s “tax-free cash”.

  If you were to create a word-cloud of associations people make with pensions, I bet “tax-free cash” would feature prominently. I tried to google such a word-cloud but got a lot of constructions that look like they’d been made … Continue reading

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Downing Street’s three pension interventions this century.

Intervention one – The Turner Commission. It is useful from time to time to revisit the work of Adair Turner’s Pension Commission which first reported in 2004. 18 years on the generation it considered “young” are now approaching the “normal … Continue reading

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Schemes consolidate-pots proliferate;- tPR’s mixed news

The Pensions Regulator has published  new information (DC trust: scheme return data 2021 to 2022) that shows just how the DC landscape has changed and is changing for trust-based workplace pension schemes in the UK. It reinforces the message that … Continue reading

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“Saved enough to stop work?” – the impact of pension freedoms on the labour market

Universal credit claimants will be forced to search for jobs outside their preferred sector after just four weeks or face the prospect of sanctions, under a controversial tightening of the benefits system. Therese Coffey, the work and pensions secretary, said the move … Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment upgrade? Let’s sort out state benefits first.

He said much the same, re: bidding for a Bill in the 3rd or 4th session, to @AdrianBoulding in September. — David Robbins (@David_J_Robbins) January 26, 2022   The thread says what needs to be said. The Government has … Continue reading

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