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Are you or your parents missing out on pension credits?

This article is important. We urge people to save for retirement but for many people retirement is already here and things are going to be tough as the economic impact of the pandemic hits us all. So it’s good to … Continue reading

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Shoot the message – not the messenger.

Watching Martin Lewis’ money show last night I found myself aghast! Someone was trying to weigh up whether it was better to get 0.1% pa tax-free from an HSBC ISA or get 0.4% pa from another HSBC account and run … Continue reading

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Lead generation; little value for a lot of money.

Most internet comparison pages are misleading and should be taken down We have a problem with internet lead generation which has been investigated by Laura Purkess and promoted by Jack Gilbert. Here is the twitter thread (note these are screenshots … Continue reading

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Are you saving or investing?

Martin Lewis is bang on the money, we save with the expectation of certain outcomes and we invest , speculating on getting more than from saving, with the potential for less. If you think this is motherhood and apple pie, … Continue reading

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“As for pensions – tell me what to do and let me get on with it!”

The quote in the title comes from a friend of mine, who has a successful web-based comparison site (that doesn’t compare pensions). The comment has haunted me since Christmas. What’s that coming over the hill?!? uh- “guidance”… uh – “single … Continue reading

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“People taking their own decisions”?! How the Lewis’ gang up on IFAs.

I don’t know if there’s something in a name, but if I was an IFA, I’d be butting my head against anything called “Lewis” this morning. There’s Martin Lewis, talking to us on the TV of taking control of our … Continue reading

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Very “interest”-ing

For millions of savers, the most important piece of financial news over the past few weeks has not been about the impact of bond yields on pension liabilities or their mortgage interest payments or the state of the stock market. … Continue reading

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What about a “Retirement Income Alliance”

  Malcolm Small is what can best be called an “operator”, a “smooth operator” at that. He is very clear thinking and he presents cautious solutions to big problems in an elegant way. I’ve known him for a few years … Continue reading

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Pension PlayPen teams up with aeExchange

Pension PlayPen has teamed up with Juan Ho’s aeEchange to provide a holistic service for employers struggling with auto-enrolment. Many tens of thousands of employers have already benefited from Ho’s software. Remarkably Payroo, which provides an integrated payroll payment and … Continue reading

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Why Paul Lewis is doing IFAs a favour.

Paul Lewis has written an article that has annoyed many IFAs. You can read it here. If you haven’t read it, you might as well now, as most of this article will only make sense if you’re familiar with Paul’s … Continue reading

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