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The decumulation only CDC SCHEME is a non-starter, savers with pots need CDC FUNDS.

Our intention is that the framework should accommodate schemes providing benefits to unconnected multi-employer schemes and Master Trusts, and to explore how best to provide for schemes offering CDC decumulation products CDC is an example of how far the DWP … Continue reading

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Will tomorrow’s pension decisions focus on cost , value or both?

I’ve now had a chance to properly read the Pension Policy Institute’s ” What is the impact on member outcomes of different non-capped charging structures? It’s a splendid piece of work, and it’s the second important contribution to the debate … Continue reading

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MaPS – this is not the way to buy investment pathways!

I wonder how many of the 60,000 people who each month decide they want to “get at” their pension money, are finding their way to MaPS website set up for people to understand and compare their investment pathway options (for … Continue reading

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DWP frees up workplace pension defaults – can providers be trusted?

It looks like the high-water mark for Government intervention in workplace pensions has been reached. The years following the introduction of the RDR saw the abolition of sales commissions (both for introducing members and setting up schemes), of “active member … Continue reading

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AgeWage and Pension Bee call for Dashboards to tell us what we’re paying for our pensions.

Yesterday the Money and Pensions Service  opened a consultation on Pensions Dashboards’ data standards, seeking industry-wide input on the definition and scope of the information dashboards will  display. The call for input seeks views on:       the personal data items … Continue reading

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If you think you know your costs, you could be wrong

This is the third of Dr Chris Sier’s insights into cost transparency and it gets right to the heart of the issue: just how much of a pension schemes total costs were previously unknown?   ‘You can’t manage what you … Continue reading

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Prudential IGC reports a notable victory for savers.

2019/20 – a battle won Prudential’s is the last IGC to publish its Chair report this year and I suspect the report we get is rather different than the report planned earlier in the year. Chair Lawrence Churchill tells us … Continue reading

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Investment; Nobody’s sharing your pain but you.

“Everyone wants to know you when the market’s rising, but when it falls, you’re on your own”. That’s the comment of one of my friends who’s been trying to talk with his wealth manager over the past week. Right….that’s it … Continue reading

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Workplace GPPs, incompetence not governance drives policy.

The argument in a nutshell The FCA has decided to relax rules that would have made the management of workplace group personal pensions very difficult. These GPPs are run by insurers and a few GSIPP operators (Hargreaves Lansdown most prominently). … Continue reading

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“What do people want?” – a question for IGCs

  The saddest statement I heard last year was from an adviser who told a room “we have given up reporting on outcomes, outcomes always disappoint”. It is not just IFA’s who don’t like to report on the outcomes of … Continue reading

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