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In pensions what matters is what you get – not what you’re promised.

  Thanks to the FT and Peter Nellist from Exeter for this excellent letter. You have put your finger on a crucial flaw in the Value for Money Framework. Pension fund fees must be reasonable and clear Moira O’Neill has … Continue reading

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The decumulation only CDC SCHEME is a non-starter, savers with pots need CDC FUNDS.

Our intention is that the framework should accommodate schemes providing benefits to unconnected multi-employer schemes and Master Trusts, and to explore how best to provide for schemes offering CDC decumulation products CDC is an example of how far the DWP … Continue reading

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Why the new CDC consultation is a non-starter

  The problem for the CDC consultation is clear before we open its foreword. We hear who the consultation is designed for pension scheme trustees and managers, particularly those from DC Master Trust schemes pension scheme service providers, other industry bodies and … Continue reading

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The Teacher’s Pension Scheme is changing -what does this mean?

Teacher Pensions are changing (again). For a scheme that has its foundations in the 19th Century and 2 million members it is remarkably flexible , responding to the changing needs of members , participating employers and the ultimate sponsor- the … Continue reading

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Stick or twist, choosing your workplace pension (2.0).

We are now 100 months into auto-enrolment – it commenced in July 2012. Many schemes that were designated as the employer’s workplace pension between 2021 and 2015 are needing to be reviewed. For some employers, that review will be of … Continue reading

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Too many schemes, too many pots, too little pension!

We need to sort out pensions and we pensions need to sort out the climate. These are the challenges we face and I’m pleased to see Government is on to them! Over the weekend , I tried to put the … Continue reading

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Can you run a pension scheme with no end in sight?

The concept of infinity has puzzled philosophers for millennia and I’m not taking it on in a blog. It’s temporal counterpart  “eternity” has at least the boundary of time, though it’s still pretty mind-blowing to think of anything being eternal. … Continue reading

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Don’t let the bullies grind you down

Talks between the Friends of CDC and the Financial Scientologists broke down last night in merriment. Actually, you are just flat out wrong. But you have a good sense of humor about it. — Jeffrey Brown (@IlliniBizDean) July 21, 2018 There … Continue reading

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The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth- (guest blog- Matthew Masters)

68% of us think that we’re better than average drivers, which means that at least 18% of us are mistaken.  And does it come as a surprise that of that 68%, 61 out of every 100 are male?  While I … Continue reading

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I’m nearly 55 – here’s what I’m doing for myself!

In this blog, I want to share with you my DIY approach to organising my finances as I approach 55. 55 has become an important year as it is the point when you move into what can best be called … Continue reading

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