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Financial Economics = Scorched Earth

John Kiff rolled his tank onto my lawn this morning. Well he can roll it off again and take his flamethrowers with him. For in the long march back from Moscow, Kiff, Ralfe & Co are doing their best to … Continue reading

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Why would management fees be any cheaper for #cdc than DC?

It’s a question posed by John Ralfe- to me – on twitter. It’s a serious question and one that Jeremy Cooper, doyen of the Australian Super system is clearly interested in too. The question cannot be simply answered with reference … Continue reading

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Houses are for living in – pensions are for life! An answer to financial economics.

“the river of private pensions in the UK will only get shallower as it widens out to include so many more of us”  – Steve Bee Steve’s metaphor is so precise, so visual and so elegantly conveyed that this quote … Continue reading

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Isn’t it time we thought of pensions as insurance (again)?

  Yesterday, I wrote of the positive future that I saw for collective schemes, if they could rid themselves of the pernicious effects of financial economics. I based my arguments on my perceptions of the impact of mark to market … Continue reading

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A rosier view for pensions.

I’ve promised the guys (and it’s almost exclusively men) who’ve been involved in a week long debate on twitter, this article. I  have asked been asked for positive arguments for measuring pension liabilities against the cost of meeting them (rather … Continue reading

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FABI surplus continues to soar, as USS accounting deficit falls dramatically.

Much like daily temperatures , First Actuarial’s Best estimate (FAB) Index soared through  June , and the heat is on for those who’ve weaponised accounting deficits. The Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) has announced a dramatic fall in 2018. The FAB Index – which provides … Continue reading

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The trouble with experts

All week long my twitter feed has been troubled by experts. It’s like the hot weather bringing the flies into your home, they bite you all over – they don’t even leave you alone when you sleep, I open up … Continue reading

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Don’t let the bullies grind you down

Talks between the Friends of CDC and the Financial Scientologists broke down last night in merriment. Actually, you are just flat out wrong. But you have a good sense of humor about it. — Jeffrey Brown (@IlliniBizDean) July 21, 2018 There … Continue reading

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