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A lunchtime lesson about pensions for millennials – Guest Blog- Claer Barrett

This blog is from Claer Barrett, it was first published in the FT and is Claer’s contribution to Pension Awareness Day. I share it on this because a) it is brilliant, b)Clear has asked it to be shared and c) … Continue reading

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Why we don’t have health-based pension transfer values.

A Coleridge moment in the City I walked into a church at the bottom of Bow Street yesterday afternoon to have a cup of coffee. Slumped over his laptop, deep in thought, I saw a friend… He awoke from a statistical revery and stared … Continue reading

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“Monkeys redundant” -Con Keating gives the IA a proper kicking

  The following blog is printed with the kind permission of Con Keating and relates to recent blogs on this site “the charges of the light brigade” and “searching for the Loch Ness Monster“ The strapline to the press release … Continue reading

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Probably the best administrator in the world

  I don’t mean to crow , but I’ve just had this email from Chris, the lad some call the office boy. Good Afternoon  I am trying to keep track of all my work and by doing this we have … Continue reading

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Quality Assurance from First Actuarial

  Sometime you need a job done well, for me it tends to start with water pouring through a light socket after someone left the bath-tap running upstairs! A lot of the time we’re called in to do some financial … Continue reading

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Getting to financial self-sufficiency

  I’m fascinating by the different ways in which people learn things -especially by the way that the internet has made it possible for people to become expert in quite difficult things in a very short time. Of course there … Continue reading

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Making the most of the £20bn small employers spend on DB – Guest blog from Hilary Salt

A simple shift in communications could ensure the £20bn employers spend on DB each year isn’t wasted Over the last decade we’ve seen the long march of defined benefit (DB) pension schemes from the sunny beaches of open schemes run by … Continue reading

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Why due diligence is soooooooo important!

  Yesterday I wrote about pension charges and the difference between poor practice and malpractice . At some point the value for money swing-ometre  tips into rip-off territory and it’s almost always when those managing its costs of a scheme, stop acting … Continue reading

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Top 6 blunders of Scheme Actuaries – guest blog from Hilary Salt

The rarefied world of pension scheme actuaries often seems strangely disconnected from that inhabited by other professionals. But I’ve been struck recently by the overlap between criticisms made of other professionals and some of my own concerns about the actuarial … Continue reading

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First Actuarial party ; the photos you wish I’d deleted

“Judge advisers by advice , love them for their parties” That’s what I say, or would say if it weren’t for the pain in my head from last night’s First Actuarial Party. Thanks to Angela Sutherland and all our friends … Continue reading

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