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If we have to take advice – pensions have failed

I have been in furious correspondence over the weekend with a friend , over one of the key words in today’s pension lexicon “engagement“. There is a strongly held opinion by many in pensions that we should require people to … Continue reading

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Is the public too “common” for Value For Money

  I got this mail this morning from a friend who thinks very deeply about private pensions and how we can organize them to help ourselves to better retirement (while ensuring they are invested for common good). We’ve been talking … Continue reading

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How will history remember the Pension Schemes Act 2021?

  The Pension Schemes Bill received Royal Assent last week and is now enacted. Though assent is a formality, it draws the line in the sand. “What is changing”  is now “what has changed” and the work of Guy Opperman … Continue reading

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“The best use of our resources”

  This article is from Dave Brooks ( @pensionsdave) ,Technical Director at Broadstone. It was originally published here. It is a good contribution to the debate which has raged on this blog.  The trickiest balancing act that The Pensions Regulator … Continue reading

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Nest sees strong saving through the pandemic – why not?

A tricky course to navigate. Whatever is written about pension saving over the past 12 months needs to written in pencil, with the option to rub-out and replace where offence is incurred. That’s because generalizations about people’s capacity to save … Continue reading

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Do we retire when we lose the will to innovate? – a provocative blog by Maarten Ectors

This blog is by Maarten Ectors who writes  as Chief Innovation Officer at Legal & General. As someone who could (some would say “should”) retire, I find his comments energizing and his final sentence the best incentive to innovate I’ve … Continue reading

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Consumers mustn’t pay to clean up the FCA’s mess.

This is a post from Gina Miller on Linked in.  It poses a question about accountability The Gloster Report into #LCF is a damning indictment of failures at the FCA – Whilst my blood boils on behalf of millions of victims … Continue reading

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Dolphin Trust and LCF – it’s Germany v England but will it go to penalties?

Speaking at last night’s Transparency Symposium, Prem Sikka, spoke with authority about the advantages of the German regulatory system where pressure is applied from stakeholder groups to get action in a timely way. As we in Britain await the report on … Continue reading

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A Minister Drinking the Regulator’s Kool-Aid – No Consolation

An article by Con Keating The  preamble to a recent article in Professional Pensions by the Pensions Minister, Guy Opperman, read: ” In the fourth of a five-part series of articles for PP, pensions minister Guy Opperman sets out how … Continue reading

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A counterblast to apostasy – Keating and Clacher hold the faith!

  A blog from the pens of  Con Keating and Iain Clacher Henry Tapper has been our eyes and ears on social media and has passed us a variety of questions that have been sent to him on twitter. He’s … Continue reading

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