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Finding the right neck of the woods (for DC illiquids).

The appropriately named Guy Rainbird has commissioned work from the PPI that confirms a belief among many who understand investment trusts, that DC funds would be well advised to access the returns of illiquid assets through investment trusts. I’m quoting … Continue reading

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PPI celebrates 20th birthday with its UK Pensions Policy framework!

It’s the Pension Policy Institute’s’s 20th birthday this year and it has marked that achievement with the creation of a new pension framework.   They have published the slides of yesterday’s launch event. PPI the uk-pensions-framework-showcase-slides from Henry Tapper Here … Continue reading

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Will tomorrow’s pension decisions focus on cost , value or both?

I’ve now had a chance to properly read the Pension Policy Institute’s ” What is the impact on member outcomes of different non-capped charging structures? It’s a splendid piece of work, and it’s the second important contribution to the debate … Continue reading

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The PPI , governance and value for money

  In my earlier post, I wanted to get to grips with the PPI’s new research paper on international experience measuring value for money but ended up focusing on a confusion about VFM and member contributions. Follow the link to … Continue reading

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Is the VFM of a pension scheme best measured by contribution rates?

The PPI have been asked  “What can other countries teach the UK about measuring Value for Money in pension schemes?” and asked by the Pensions Regulator. The answer is 55 pages long and involves a detailed analysis of the impact … Continue reading

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A great report on tax injustice from the ABI at prayer.

It’s a good and timely report and its analysis of inequality is excellent. But it is only addressing a quarter of the Government’s incentives bill and the solution it models is a lot more painful to the mass-affluent than the report implies Continue reading

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On our front door – the trial of Manita Khuller.

Manita Khuller represented herself in court yesterday taking on  on FNB International, which she claims is responsible for the loss of a £170,000 pension pot. She is up against lawyers Carey Olsen , originators of the Carey SIPP who are … Continue reading

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Lost your pension? Play snakes and ladders – for all the DWP cares!

This morning I will be on local radio with five minutes to answer this question. The question’s prompted by a listener to Hereford and Worcester Radio who is sure he/she had a pension with someone somewhere but can’t remember much … Continue reading

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Taylor – the Full Monty or a stitch-up?

  I was asked to comment on the impact of the Taylor Report on Payroll at the Reward Autumn Update. Though I had been promised a script from Matthew Taylor himself, it never turned up – maybe I was stitched … Continue reading

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Pension promises- “second hand not second rate”.

There’s an old Elvis Costello song (Senior Service) which talks about the DWP They took me in the office and they told me very carefully The way that I could benefit from death and disability I thought of it as … Continue reading

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