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Lost your pension? Play snakes and ladders – for all the DWP cares!

This morning I will be on local radio with five minutes to answer this question. The question’s prompted by a listener to Hereford and Worcester Radio who is sure he/she had a pension with someone somewhere but can’t remember much … Continue reading

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Taylor – the Full Monty or a stitch-up?

  I was asked to comment on the impact of the Taylor Report on Payroll at the Reward Autumn Update. Though I had been promised a script from Matthew Taylor himself, it never turned up – maybe I was stitched … Continue reading

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Pension promises- “second hand not second rate”.

There’s an old Elvis Costello song (Senior Service) which talks about the DWP They took me in the office and they told me very carefully The way that I could benefit from death and disability I thought of it as … Continue reading

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Pension Policy Institute – the NEW pensions landscape

Back in 2003 when the Pension Policy Institute was born, it produced a report on the pension state of the nation . PPI now means a bung from a bank and any google search for it’s likely to compromise your … Continue reading

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Time to tell it to people straight?

There is no engineering miracle that will put Britain’s pensions back on track. Indeed many people have never been to the station. The guaranteed pensions that flourished at a time of high interest rates and commensurate growth in the stock market … Continue reading

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“Rape and Kill” – why the public are turning off retirement advice.

Thanks to the PPI for the second Future Book – Unravelling Workplace Pensions. The 2016 Edition of the PPI’s study on workplace pension is published today. Getting data on the state of workplace pensions has always been tricky. If you … Continue reading

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No value without trust- PPI on “value for money”

Yesterday , the Pensions Policy Institute  delivered its “Value for money in DC workplace pensions” paper. The report can be read or downloaded from this link The central thrust of which was that “value ” was undervalued and too much … Continue reading

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Should the FCA oversee mastertrusts?

That was the question that was asked by one of the panellists at the launch of the PPI’s “Comparison of the regulatory frameworks for DC pensions. I am listed as one of the people providing input to the production of … Continue reading

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How much flexibility do DC savers want?

  The PPI have taken research conducted by  Opinium on 1000 individuals aged over 40 actively saving into DC and come up with their own analysis. The report suggests that in this group there is a high level of awareness of the … Continue reading

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