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Time to dig this Government out of its hole?

Tax, national insurance and pensions policy should be put in a vault marked “toxic” and should be handled with extreme caution. This morning I have three toxic issues to prove my point. The fiasco of announcing an increase in national insurance … Continue reading

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Are pensions in crisis?

There has been talk of late of pensions in crisis. Infact the opposite may be true. Pensions may finally be getting back on their feet. News that the retired tycoon – Philip Green has made a voluntary contribution of £363m … Continue reading

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Too Expensive to Keep? Is it time to break our promises to the baby boomers?

In a stunning lecture delivered without notes to a “senior” audience at the Oxford and Cambridge Club last night, Paul Johnson helped us ask these questions of ourselves. For his audience was by and large – precisely the entitled class … Continue reading

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Where does all the money go?

Ok guy – have a look at this picture. It’s a very odd way of looking at money (especially the cash benefits – which for most will be the various family, disability and general living allowances). But it makes its … Continue reading

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Should we block the triple lock?

  Ros Altmann speaks out (shock!) We now have three former  pension ministers making a lot more noise than our current pension minister. Ros Altmann who we are now realising never should have done the jog Steve Webb who should … Continue reading

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Radical proposals to tell us what our pension’s worth

This is one of those blogs (good though it is) where the comments are a whole lot better! Please come for the blog and stay for the comments. This might be a good time to sign up to comment yourself, your views … Continue reading

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Let the canny worm lie?

The problem with cans of worms is that the cans degrade and in the end the worms get out, and cause a stink. Over the weekend, the Telegraph that acts as a professional “worm can opener” has been turning its … Continue reading

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#WASPI – did we fail in our duty of care?

The WASPI debate that will happen tomorrow is of some significance. Not only will parliament be debating the particular circumstances of a particular group of women, they will be deciding whether the duty of care Government has, to keep its … Continue reading

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and every WASP will have her day!

There will be a further debate on women’s state pension ages in the Westminster Hall of the House of Commons. The precise wording of the #WASPI Petition Debate, taking place in Westminster Hall on 1st Feb, led by @HelenJonesMP pic.twitter.com/Ar4Kw2E9Ba … Continue reading

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“Confusion rife!” and not just over the new state pension.

The DWP Select Committee has published its report “Understanding the New State Pension” this morning. The accompanying Press release calls for clear statements of entitlement while stopping short of calling for changes to those entitlements. The Work and Pensions Committee’s … Continue reading

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